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Understanding the vital role teachers play in the educational process, we created an electronic platform to help teachers shape interactive and advanced learning experiences for students from different age groups and levels. In collaboration with, Edraak developed high-quality educational resources in Arabic as well as innovative techniques and strategies which allow teachers to give their students an engaging learning experience. By harnessing the platform's technology, modern visual communication tools, and gamification, teachers can convey different concepts to students effectively.

How can teachers benefit from the K-12 platform?

  • Create a virtual classroom quickly and practically.
  • Form a curriculum using the existing content on the platform or use one of the pre-arranged sequences.
  • Review student-progress data to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to come up with different ways to improve performance while taking into consideration individual differences.
  • Use educational resources flexibly since they are released under a Creative Commons license.
  • Provide students who need remedial education with materials that can be studied before or after school to ensure more efficient in-class learning.

Tips to Help Students Develop Mathematical Thinking Skills

Students have a better learning experience while learning mathematics when they are granted the opportunity to develop various thinking skills. Here's an example that explains how this can be done.

Mathematics: Competencies and Thinking Skills

This video provides an overview of how effective mathematics teaching can be achieved through leveraging mathematics instruction to enable students to develop important thinking skills and practices.

How to create a virtual classroom on Edraak K-12 platform?

Edraak K-12 platform empowers teachers to deliver engaging learning experiences through enabling them to create virtual classrooms for their students. You can learn more about this feature from this video.

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