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Al Hussein Fund for Excellence (HFE) is a non-for-profit NGO established by the banking community in Jordan in 1999 as part of its social responsibility commitments. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the HFE is the Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ). The vision of HFE is to be a center for promoting excellence, encouraging innovation and endorsing sustainable development among individuals and groups in both private and public sectors in Jordan. Since its establishment, HFE has been working on a wide scope of projects starting from enhancing the quality of education and higher education in Jordan to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of environment and renewable energy. HFE grants a group of awards annually in the fields of energy, environment and children education. In addition to the many diverse projects, the Fund has been working under the umbrella of the CBJ, with other stakeholders in Jordan, to promote financial education and capabilities in all sectors of the Jordanian society, particularly youth and women. The Fund is a member of the technical committee for the National Financial Education Project and the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (2018-2020) launched by the Central Bank in 2018.

Al Hussein Fund for Excellence Educational Programs


How to start and manage a successful business

Ended On 06/07/2020

This course designed to help you learn the most important skills you need, to start or run a small business.

Instructors and Team

Hasan Jamil
Hasan Jamil

Hasan Jamil is a MSME’s development & finance expert. Hasan has been working in the field of microfinance for 15 years and recently in fintech services. Hasan has a bachelor’s degree in Management Information System from Hashemite University and a master’s degree in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing from German Jordanian University. Hasan holds various professional certificates such as the Islamic Finance Diploma from the Institute of Charter Accountants, Business Diploma from the University of Cambridge, Accredited Assessor Certificate from the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM), Microfinance Practitioner Certificate from Boulder Institute and a trainer certification from Sanabel Microfinance Network of Arab Countries. Hasan has worked in the field of microfinance and provided consulting and training services across the MENA region in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Shaheen Tejani
Shaheen Tejani

Shaheen Tejani is a capacity building consultant working in financial inclusion and climate finance. She has over 15 years of experience working globally in over 25 countries from South East Asia to Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. She has worked with over 40 institutions in microfinance, SME Banking, green lending, humanitarian and refugee assistance and education. Shaheen builds the capacity of clients, staff, management and leadership of NGOs, governmental institutions, and development finance actors, who seek to reduce poverty and push gender inclusion. Born in Uganda, her family moved to Canada as refugees in the 1970s where she studied computer science and completed her MBA to become a venture investor, creating 40 startup companies. It is through her volunteer work with the Aga Khan Development Network that she became passionate about microfinance and moved to work in the developing world. Shaheen has developed a unique activity-based learning and problem solving methodology that keeps learners at the centre of all design and delivery, keeping them engaged, empowered and having fun, while learning. Her programs and curricula have served over 40 development institutions and 10,000 people in 25 countries since 2008. Her motto: ‘Put the learner in charge!”

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