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Syrian Researchers is a scientific network addressing the Arabic speaking individuals and societies. It was launched by a group of academics in Syria and abroad to raise the scientific and academic level of the Syrian society in particular and in the Arab one in general, and to spread science in all readable, audible and visual means. Today, Syrian Researchers is considered the largest Arabic scientific assemblage on the internet by its quantity of daily-published scientific content and by the number of its followers and visits.

The activities of Syrian Researchers can be divided into several domains: publishing and translating local and international scientific research, developing scientific visual content in an attractive and modern way, responding to readers’ inquiries and providing academic and scientific consolations, in addition to organizing scientific activities and fairs and developing partnerships with direct or indirect added value. Scientific method, work organizing and having faith in our goals are credited for our pioneering role in the Arab world.

Our Slogan: Science is the Solution

People will always have different thoughts in religious and political issues, and all of these thoughts will remain under discussion. However, when people disagree about something in science they turn to logic and its basic principles, moving from an axiom to form a hypothesis then a theory they can all agree upon.

Syrian Researchers Educational Programs

Instructors and Team

Dr. Mouhannad Malek
Dr. Mouhannad Malek

Founder and chairman of “Syrian Researchers”, BSc in biochemistry from University of Dijon – France, MSc and PhD in molecular cytology from University of Lyon – France. Former researcher in fields of cancer and lipids in Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK, recently moved to work in his specialty in Leibniz-institute for Molecular Pharmacology. Head of CamScreen labs for genetic studies.

Dr. Amer Saleh
Dr. Amer Saleh

BA founding board member in Syrian Researchers and a resident doctor in Tishreen University Hospital in Syria while pursuing a master's degree in cardiovascular disease. Served in several tenures in the fields of social researches, consultancies, health promotion in Syrian NGOs. Lives in Latakia, Syria.

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