Mathematics for Grade 10 - Jordan

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720 available exercises. 12 hours of learning content.

This content is identical to the Jordanian curriculum

This course is developed based on a set of international standards and in an attractive manner to the students so they can employ and develop scientific and life skills such as discussion and critical thinking, taking into account the levels of growth and individual differences among them! One of the most important features of this course is its ability to connect directly to the daily life and activities of Arab students. Each lesson begins by presenting a mathematical problem that raises students' curiosity and motivates them to engage in the lesson from beginning to end!

The syllabus covers:

  • Numbers (real and complex) and their processes and applications.
  • Algebra such as: conjugates and functions, matrices, and determinants.
  • Coordinate geometry and trigonometry and concepts in space geometry and applications such as trigonometry, relationships and triangulation.
  • Statistics and probabilities and their concepts, such as: dispersion measures and conditional probability.
  • Applied mathematics such as mechanics and some of its concepts and applications.

The material is presented on Edrak’s platform through a series of videos that provide a full explanation of a particular concept with a set of examples that help students to understand and comprehend the concepts, afterwards a set of questions start to address the different levels of students enabling them to explore any misunderstandings of the subject of matter. The student can, in cooperation with his or her teacher, discuss any point that is vague and review it so that he or she can fully understand and practice it.

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