Introduction to Cyber Security

This course is part of the Cyber Security
Language Arabic
Start Date 21/01/2020
Duration 10 weeks
Effort 4 hours
Level Entry Level
End Date 01/04/2020

As our daily lives become more dependent on Internet-based tools and services, and as these platforms accumulate more than our most sensitive data, the demand is increasing for experts in cyber security. In this course, you will get an overview of the cyber security scene as well as international perspectives in this field. We will cover the legal environment that affects cyber security. This course is an introduction to the exciting field of cyber security.

The course includes many basic topics in cyber security, and we will talk about a historical introduction to cyber security, adding to information security and global frameworks for information security. We will also talk about organizational structures for cyber security, and cyber crime is one of the most widespread topics in our time.

Malware is one of the most important things that must be learned and understood in cyber security, and we will talk about in this course about one of the most prevalent methods of attack, which is DDoS.

We will also get acquainted with the illegal business models and laws governing cyber crime and the ITU agenda.

What You Will Learn

  • Define and use key terms and concepts in cyber security
  • Identify and distinguish threat actors and their drivers
  • Understand the preventive and detective controls developed by cyber security tools
  • Describe the general and legal challenges to cyber security
  • Learn about the ITU's global cyber security program and its mission

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