Education Technology: Principles, Strategies, Applications

Language Arabic
Start Date 10/06/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 15 hours
Level Advanced Level

Technology has become a key factor in the teaching and learning cycle. Nowadays, teachers have an important role to develop the methods and strategies they use in the classroom because the digital education tools have become more advanced. This course will provide an introduction to ICT that includes technology foundations, professional communication and collaboration tools, and online safety and digital citizenship.

In this Specialization, we will begin by considering and learning different types of digital technology. Then teachers will go on to consider how to personalise and adapt these devices for themselves and their school students. In addition, teachers will learn about professional communication tools and how they can be harnessed to learn, to simplify communication, reduce workload and improve student (and parent) engagement. Moreover, it will help teachers to understand the responsibility that they have to keep themselves safe as an individual and their responsibility towards students in their professional role. It introduces a framework for considering risks alongside benefits and advice for individuals of any age that will help them to ensure they stay safe online. Teachers will explore the risks for teachers and school students and then consider how they can help themselves and their students stay safe.


Self Paced


Apply to the Foundations course from Edraak to learn about the principles of technology and the means of social and professional communication in education

Self Paced

Core Units

Apply to the Core Units course from Edraak to learn how to create compelling content using multiple media methods

Self Paced

Deeper Pedagogy

Apply to the Deeper Pedagogy course from Edraak to learn all the digital learning technologies and methods of assessment in modern teaching strategies

Self Paced

Advanced Units

Apply to the Advanced Units course from Edraak to learn the basics of coding, computational thinking skills, and digital leadership

What You Will Learn

  • The core features and settings on digital devices
  • How to use communication tools professionally to support teaching and learning
  • How to minimize online risks and consequences by considering different types of behavior online
  • Key learning practices and theories related to learning with digital technologies
  • Using the free tools provided by Google to ease the performance of daily tasks
  • How to create engaging multimedia content
  • Using digital tools to assess students’ learning progress and collect & share students’ work
  • Using interactive boards to promote student engagement
  • Evaluation of digital tools
  • Computational thinking and coding
  • How to create a vision and an action plan for technology use in the school (digital leadership)


Course 1: Foundations

Here, you will learn technology foundations, professional communication tools, online safety, and digital citizenship

Course 2: Core Units

In this course, you will learn the principles of technology to support learning, productivity, and content creation

Course 3: Deeper Pedagogy

This course explains assessment, feedback and moderation, evaluation tools, interactive whiteboards, presentation of information, and how to use Edraak Learning Platform

Course 4: Advanced Units

You will learn coding and computational thinking, in addition to digital leadership

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