Cyber Security

Language Arabic
Start Date 21/01/2020
Duration 10 weeks
Effort 20 hours
Level Entry Level
End Date 01/04/2020

After the great spread of the Internet, smart devices and portable devices, it has become necessary in our time to pay attention to cyber security and how to protect ourselves in the digital space starting from home to work and at the state level as a whole, and cybersecurity is one of the most prevalent topics in our days and learning has become an imperative. As our daily lives become more dependent on Internet-based tools and services, and as these platforms accumulate more than our most sensitive data, the demand is increasing for experts in cybersecurity. The world is now connected to the Internet and has made everyone more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Whether you like this relatively new cyber security world to work with as a professional, or would you like to protect yourself while online and on social media, this course is for you.

In this discipline of 5 separate courses, he will introduce you to the most important terms in cybersecurity, what are the most important techniques used in cybersecurity, and how to maintain your systems from the risk of breaches.

In the first course you will get an overview of the cyber security scene as well as international perspectives in this field. We will cover the legal environment that affects cybersecurity. This course is an introduction to the exciting field of cybersecurity. The course includes many basic topics in cybersecurity, and we will talk about a historical introduction to cybersecurity, adding to information security and global frameworks for information security. We will also talk about organizational structures for cyber security, and cyber crime is one of the most widespread topics in our time.

As for the second course, it will be an introduction to the basics of cybersecurity that show different aspects of this specialization, and some misinformation that Internet users circulate and which were later considered as myths that you should forget, as you will learn the most famous terms in cybersecurity, and how you will control the safety of words Traffic for your accounts, we will also learn how to choose the most appropriate anti-virus software for each user, and next-generation anti-piracy tools, and we will learn about the most important cyber security threats and how to protect yourself against them. This course introduces a practical approach whereby all necessary materials are provided to allow you to better understand attacks and develop appropriate countermeasures.

The third course will go to the practical application and experiment together to protect the systems from penetrations. In this course, we will present a set of methods and software that you will need to create a safe environment that protects your system from cyberattacks and attacks, and we will talk about one of the free antivirus programs and learn how to install and use it, and also we will talk about months Free firewalls for 2019 and we learn how to install and use it, as we will learn how to download and install a program that enables users to create more than one virtual work environment such as Kali Linux on one physical device and use it at the same time with the physical device, and o Also learn how to share files and give powers to share files, and in the end we will learn how to protect our data and encrypted using the Bitlocker program.

When a criminal tries to break into an organization, they will not reinvent the wheel unless they absolutely have the following: they will rely on common types of hacking techniques known to be very effective, so in the fourth course we will talk an overview of some of the most common types of attacks that we see today. In this course, we will talk about some of the most famous techniques used in cyber attack and hacking

As for the fifth and final course, it will be on the career path in cybersecurity and what are the market challenges in this field.



Introduction to Cyber Security

Started On 21/01/2020

This course will introduce you on a cyber security basics and the most trending subject


Cyber Security Basics

Started On 21/01/2020

In this course, we will talk about the basics of cybersecurity, its importance in our daily life and how to protect you while surfing the Internet


Protect systems from penetrations

Started On 21/01/2020

In this course, we aim to learn the basics of protecting the system and its data, and what methods are used to do so.


Cyber Security ​​attack techniques

Started On 21/01/2020

In this course, we will bring the student to a good level of skills that will enable him to know the methods and methods of famous cyber hacking, to learn


Career path in Cyber Security

Started On 21/01/2020

This course provides information on the fields of work and career path in cyber security and what are the most important areas of work

What You Will Learn

  • Define and use key terms and concepts in cybersecurity
  • The most common terms for cybersecurity
  • Next-generation antivirus and hacking software
  • Identify and distinguish threat actors and their drivers
  • Understand the preventive and detective controls developed by cybersecurity tools
  • Learn about the ITU's global cybersecurity program and its mission
  • Browser and email security
  • How to stay safe on social media and could
  • Awareness for children and parents about cybersecurity
  • What are the components of the program and how to use it to achieve the highest levels of protection
  • The most important penetration techniques
  • Areas of work in the Syrian security
  • Roles of work in cyber security
  • The most important certificates that help you in the field of cyber security

Instructors and Team

Mohamed Al Shami
Mohamed Al Shami

Regional Director and Principal Advisor with 20 years of international experience in the ICT market. He works for Ericsson, the world's leading communications company, as part of its global business unit. He is a member of ISACA Amman Chapter and an active member of the CERT communities, resellers and many of the Computer Incident Security Response Team (CSIRT) teams. It also cooperates with the ETIS community of telecom professionals. And holds several titles, including: CISM, PMP, BDM

Saif Al-Qazzaz
Saif Al-Qazzaz

graduate of Information Technology from Philadelphia University. He started his career in the field of information technology and graduated until he became an expert in the field of infrastructure. Specialized in cybersecurity and holds specialized international certificates such as CISSP and CISA.

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