Introduction to Financial Performance Management

Language Arabic
Start Date 01/12/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 3 hours
Level Entry Level

Many people who are not financial professionals need to understand the financial statements and derive basic performance information from them SMEs for example the investor needs to do a feasibility study and then to evaluate his performance and analyze the performance of competitors, which Investing in stocks needs to appreciate the real value of corporate stocks and to anticipate future value, and the manager needs to understand the impact of his decisions on The company's budget, and a simple employee needs to know the performance of the company he works for. Anyone would also like to understand budgets Newspaper companies that seem to many people as a large collection of numbers and incomprehensible terms.

Therefore, this training course seeks to give the participant a combination of concepts, theories and skills in the field of financial management through clarification Departments of financial management, its importance and its role in any establishment, as well as the definition of the concept of financial accounting And how the outputs of the accounting system (financial statements) serve the financial decision maker whether at the operational or investment level or We will also learn how to read, evaluate and analyze these financial statements, which serve several entities besides financial management such as partners Government agencies, shareholders and employees. The fact that financial management is one of the management sciences will address the concept of financial planning and how to manage Establishments based on financial reports (financial statements) and ensure the future success of the establishment and stability of its financial and administrative status.  

Instructors and Team

AlHarith AlOmari
AlHarith AlOmari

Business Development Consultant Currently I am working as a Business Development Consultant at Delney Business Center, Consultant and Entrepreneur Coach since 2010 Experience in business and corporate since 1999, holds a master's and bachelor's degree in business administration Provided more than 250 training workshops for more than 7,500 young men and women across the Kingdom  

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