How to Overcome Fear in our Lives

Language Arabic
Start Date 07/10/2020
Duration 4 weeks
Effort 3 hours
Level Entry Level
End Date 04/11/2020

How to Overcome Fear in our Lives is a free course offered by Edraak, which will help you understand and overcome your daily fears, which may affect the way you live your life. This course will teach you the three types and stages of fear and how to successfully overcome them.

We all go through feelings of fear every now and then, fear accompanies us as long as we are still learning and growing. With the many changes happening around us today, we need to develop the skill to be able to coexist with fear and not have it become an obstacle in our paths, but rather an opportunity.

Everyone is afraid of something, it might be small at times, but at others, fear could seem huge as the size of a mountain that could cripple our lives. This course is the key to self control and reconciliation with oneself, it will teach you how to coexist with fears and transform them into opportunities and be able to make successful decisions.

You will also learn how to become the host of your own life instead of being the guest in it, and how you can create a balanced life free from ways of thinking about fear, in addition to learning how to cope and deal with fear and the ability to make decisions with confidence and without hesitation.

This course provides an understanding of how we cope with fear while feeling pain, weakness, enthusiasm or hope, but first, we need to understand the importance of motivation. We will discover that opportunities are always available in front of us, even though we might see them, so we might need to look harder.

Awareness is an integral part of this course, thus your level of awareness will certainly increase by the end of the course. You will learn about your internal representation, the ability to choose erasing or classifying the information you are exposed to on a daily basis and processing it in your mind.

In addition, the course will allow you to break out of your comfort zone and turn it into a circle of self-discovery and continuous development and how to become more flexible when it comes to fateful decisions. You will also learn how to overcome any fear and look back at it as an opportunity for a fresh start.

Enroll in the How to Overcome Fear in our Lives course to learn the concept of internal representation and the relationship between programming and education in creating or overcoming fear.

What You Will Learn

  • The types and stages of fears
  • How to live with fear and gain the ability to make decisions
  • How to overcome fear whatever type or stage
  • The relation between fear and motivation, pain and hope
  • How to break out of your comfort zone
  • How to create a balanced life free from ways of thinking about fear
  • Internal representation, programming, and pedagogy in creating or overcoming fear
  • How to become the host of your life within the circle of self-discovery
  • How to move forward and see fear as an opportunity for a fresh start


Unit 1: Stages of Fear

Here, you will learn all the different types and stages of fear.

Unit 2: Responsibility in Relation to Fear

This unit talks about the impact of responsibility and accountability and their reflection on our abilities to confront fear.

Unit 3: Pain & Power

In this unit, you will learn about the difference between pain and power in the face of fear, and the influence of the outside world on our inner representation through some exercises.

Unit 4: Comfort Zone

This unit discusses how we can expand our comfort zone.

Unit 5: Host or Guest?

This unit explores how being responsible affects our internal and external power and our decision-making capabilities.

Unit 6: Using Goals to Attract Success

Here, you will learn the importance of setting goals and coordinating time in attracting success.

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Instructors and Team

Manar Al-Dina
Manar Al-Dina

Manar Al-Dina is a Certified Mindset & Performance Coach, on a mission to help you feel empowered, more confident, experience higher energy and optimism towards everything around you, and attract more positivity, peace, & passion into your life. She is the Founder of Vibrant Thinking LTD, a training and coaching company based in Amman, Jordan. She has over 20 years of experience in business, customer service, event planning, and protocol, and over 10 years of experience in the training and coaching industry. Her company vision is to build a better Jordan and ultimately a better world through every client they empower and inspire to raise their standards, achieve their dreams and live in alignment with their higher true purpose.

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