Introduction to Computer Science - CS50x

Language Arabic
Start Date 30/06/2020
Duration 26 weeks
Effort 6 hours
Level Entry Level
End Date 31/12/2020

Introduction to Computer Science (also very famous as CS50) is a unique MOOC aiming to introduce experienced and unexperienced students to the field of Computer Science and Programming. Whether you have previous experience with programming or not, this MOOC is for you.

This course is not just about teaching you how to write code. Rather, it works on building the learners ability on computational thinking and problem sovling. In turn, this will make you a capable caliber in the field that is able to get your own way in any of the CS branches.

The learning experience in this course is so enjoyable and full of challenges. After you watch the lecture content, you will solve a set of problems, you will write and submit code, and you solution will be evaluated. These problem set are inspiried by real-life scenarios in different fields such as biology, cryptography, finance, forensic analysis, and games.

There are 9 problem sets to solve, in addition to a final project. When you finish submitting all problems and projects, you will earn a certificate of completion from Edraak, in addition to another certificate from CS50

What You Will Learn

  • A broad and a comprehensive understanding to Computer Science and Programming
  • How to think algorithmatically and solve problem effeciently
  • Several Topics such as: abstraction, algorithms, data structures, resoure management, security, software engineering, web development
  • Familiarity with several programming languages such as: C, python, SQL, Javascript, in addition to CSS & HTML


  • There are no prerequisites in this MOOC other than the desire and the determination to learn. Whether you had a previous experience in programming or not, you can still learn from this MOOC.

Instructors and Team

Mohamed Ashraf
Mohamed Ashraf

CS50 Teacher and a Machine Learning Scientist at Affectiva. Mohamed is very passionate about Computer Sciences and Programming long time ago and he helps hunderds of learners to complete CS50. Mohamed has experience in explaining the course and facilitating it to many students, and he is very excited to continue doing that in this MOOC.

David J. Malan
David J. Malan

Senior member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Instructor for CS50, largest course at Harvard University with 694 students (+426% since 2006) and largest MOOC on edX with 1M+ registrants, also offered at Yale University. Manage staff of 99. Oversee community of 150+ high schools teaching CS50 AP, College Board-endorsed adaptation of course.

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