Accounting and Financial Management

Language Arabic
Start Date 17/01/2020
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 6 hours
Level Intermediate Level

Financial statements are extremely vital for the management of institutions and assurance of long-term continuity to be able to achieve both operational and strategic goals. Those statements are considered solid indicators and baseline for all the institutions' financial data needed to assist internal and external parties in their managerial and financial decisions. They also act as an internal control tool and financial health grantee.

In this course, students will be able to get a clear idea about the four main financial statements as follows :

  • -Income statement: which indicates the results of the operations for institutions within a certain period of time

  • -Balance sheet statement: this statement refers to the financial position of an institution for a certain period of time

  • -Cash flow statement: this one is concerned with the cash inflows and outflows for a certain period of time and is essential to assure liquidity as needed.

  • -Changes in equity: This indicates the equities and liabilities of an institution.

Students will also be introduced to the main financial tools that relate the financial statements either vertically or horizontally in order to provide meaningful analysis for investors, debtors, and management as well. Finally, cash-flow management and budgeting are explained as well. It is important to highlight that this course is both theoretical and practical, as it includes practical examples throughout the lessons.

What You Will Learn

  • Students will learn the four main financial statements
  • They will also learn major financial tools such as financial indicators and financial ratios
  • Students will also learn major investment tools
  • Tips for improved cash-flow management method.
  • All this will be explained theoretically and applied practically.

Instructors and Team

Reem Abu Harb
Reem Abu Harb

She holds an MBA in Global Finance from Durham University in Britain with honors and was one of the first holders of the CMA (Certified Management Accountant in 2005 in Financial Analysis from New Jersey). Reem held numerous financial and administrative positions in prestigious institutions, such as the Qatar Foundation and the Learning Foundation in Doha, in which she was responsible for opening academic projects and providing feasibility studies, financial analysis and strategic studies for large-scale high-capital projects, before returning to Home Land and holds the position of Deputy Director-General for Financial and Administrative Affairs in one of the leading academics, and then she moved to supervise her own work. Meanwhile, she participated in a group of international European Council Of International Schools local workshops and gave a training lecture at the Yarmouk University Refugee Academy. She also participated in presenting workshops in the Private Schools Conference and chaired bidding committees related to various strategic projects, and many financial, financing and strategic projects.

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