The World of the Cancer Cell

Language Arabic
Start Date 02/12/2018
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Advanced Level

Chaos can sometimes kill, or at least, this is the case with cancer biology! Join us in this course and delve into the world of the cancer cell, a journey in which we will identify the features of cancer cells that all end up in Cancer, one of the major causes of death worldwide.

We will go over the six biological hallmarks the cell acquire during tumor formation in humans, as well as some newly discovered hallmarks and enabling factors to then reflect on their implications on future treatments.

This course explores the microscopic environment that forms a basis for diagnostic and therapeutic clinical practices.

What You Will Learn

  • We will identify the key hallmarks of cancer cells.
  • We will identify the newly discovered hallmarks and enabling factors.
  • We will reflect on the therapeutic implications and horizons of such knowledge.


  • The course requires a basic biology knowledge, and any additional knowledge in genetics or biochemistry will be a plus. This course is primarily designed for undergraduate students interested in biology or health professionals willing to enrich their biological information on cancer.


Week 1: Cancer Cell Traits

1st trait: the continuity of reproductive signals - 2nd trait: the evasion of the inhibiting factors of growth - 3rd trait: resistance to cellular death - 4th trait: activation of reincarnation - 5th trait: vascular development - 6th trait: Invasion & Transitions

Week 2: Helping properties and new features

Helping properties - Helping property: Gene instability and mutations - Helping property: Inflammation of tumors - New feature: Reprogramming energy metabolism - New feature: Evasion of immune destruction

Week 3: Microbiology of tumors

Introduction - Cancer cells and cancer stem cells - Endothelial and endothelial cells (around arterioles) - Immune inflammatory cells - Cancer-related fibroblasts - Stem cells and salivary tumor thrombocytopenia

Week 4: Cell Orchestra

Cell Orchestra and Microorganisms' Organization - Therapeutic Targeting - Future Prospects

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Instructors and Team

Dr. Mouhannad Malek
Dr. Mouhannad Malek

Founder and chairman of “Syrian Researchers”, BSc in biochemistry from University of Dijon – France, MSc and PhD in molecular cytology from University of Lyon – France. Former researcher in fields of cancer and lipids in Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK, recently moved to work in his specialty in Leibniz-institute for Molecular Pharmacology. Head of CamScreen labs for genetic studies.

Dr. Amer Saleh
Dr. Amer Saleh

BA founding board member in Syrian Researchers and a resident doctor in Tishreen University Hospital in Syria while pursuing a master's degree in cardiovascular disease. Served in several tenures in the fields of social researches, consultancies, health promotion in Syrian NGOs. Lives in Latakia, Syria.

Dr. Antoun Al Absi
Dr. Antoun Al Absi

Scientific content creator in Syrian Researchers Foundation. Dr. Al Absi holds a bachelor's degree of pharmacy, a master's degree in pharmacology, a university diploma in clinical trials and a PhD in molecular cell biology. He published several papers and participated in many national and international conferences.

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