Natural Resources for Sustainable Development in the Middle East and North Africa

Language Arabic
Start Date 01/10/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 4 hours
Level Entry Level

Natural resources offer a potentially transformational opportunity to support development but are ultimately finite. How do countries make the most of this limited opportunity, while at the same time navigating a complex industry and mitigating both local and long term impacts? In this four-week massive open online course, produced by the Natural Resource Governance Institute, the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, the SDG Academy, and the World Bank, learn about efforts to sustainably manage extractive industry investments. You will come to understand the complex and interwoven aspects of natural resource governance and become part of a global movement of citizens and practitioners committed to harnessing the transformational impacts of our natural resources.

What You Will Learn

  • CHALLENGES: What challenges do natural resource-rich countries face in translating natural resource wealth into sustainable development outcomes?
  • STRATEGY: How does government decision making on the extractive industries impact long term economic development?
  • POLICY: What policy decisions are necessary for the sustainable management of natural resource wealth?
  • STAKEHOLDERS: Whose views need to be taken into account when governing natural resources, and how do you manage their competing interests to achieve sustainable development?

Instructors and Team

SDG Academy
SDG Academy

Course Authors: Natural Resource Governance Institute, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, SDG Academy, The World Bank

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