Deeper Pedagogy

This course is part of the Education Technology: Principles, Strategies, Applications
Language Arabic
Start Date 08/07/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 3 hours
Level Intermediate Level

Deeper Pedagogy is a free course offered by Edraak in partnership with Queen Rania Teacher Academy is the third level of the specialization Education Technology: principles, strategies, & applications which focuses on how to effectively integrate technology into the teaching and learning cycle. The digital tools explained in this course simplify the assessment and documentation process of students’ knowledge, skills and learning.

In this course, teachers will learn how to create assessment tools, and how to run online quizzes and activities for students to help assess their learning progress.

In addition, the course includes models that help teachers evaluate the effectiveness of the digital tools in the learning and teaching process.

What You Will Learn

  • Design activities using digital tools that help the teacher perform diagnostic test
  • Measure students’ performance and understanding in addition to documenting the results using digital quizzes
  • Improve and modify teaching strategies based on results of the digital quizzes
  • Teach students how to document their work and evaluate their learning through structured reflection tasks that help improve the learning outcomes
  • Learn how to use specific digital tools and applications that are available for teaching and student interaction.
  • Use interactive boards to enhance students’ interaction within the classroom
  • Identify frameworks and theories to evaluate digital tools and how to integrate them in different educational situations
  • Evaluate whether digital tools are effective for the outcome we want to achieve


Unit 7: Assessment, Feedback and Moderation

You will learn in this unit, how to use free digital tools in order to conduct quizzes and activities to assess and document students’ learning progress.

Unit 8: Interactive Whiteboards and Presentation of Information

In this unit, you will learn how to use interactive boards to increase students’ interaction

Unit 9: Evaluation Tools

You will learn in this unit, how to evaluate the digital tools and identify the appropriate tools for different learning situations

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