National Education

Language Arabic
Start Date 30/06/2020
Duration 13 weeks
Effort 3 hours
Level Entry Level
End Date 01/10/2020

The National Education is considered as a career dimension and the educational spindle for the students of Jordanian universities, in order to achieve a higher education philosophy in Jordan, represented by providing the Jordanian Society a good citizens, through an organized educational curriculum aiming for more understanding and knowledge of different national cases and contemporary challenges, and for more integration and adaption of the behavioral and positive participation to develop and to defend Jordan against different kinds of dangers and internal and external challenges.

The National Education derived its assets from a group of national Jordanian constants derived from the history of Jordan and the Great Arab Revolt principles, the Hashemite leadership thought, the Jordanian constitution, Islamic faith, the culture and heritage of the Arab Jordanian Community, the first and second Jordanian National pact, the national experience, the international human experience and the specifications of the good citizen in light of the elements of the era and its challenges.

Instructors and Team

Tamara Issa
Tamara Issa


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