Psychosocial Well-being of Refugees

Language Arabic
Start Date 02/01/2018
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Entry Level

Psychosocial Well-being among Refugees is an online course offered in collaboration between Edraak and Jordan University of Science & Technology (JUST). This course, introduces interested learners to the concept of psychosocial aid for refugees that can reduce the debilitating effect of psychosocial and mental dysfunctions that refugees may have due to their refugee experience. It provides an opportunity for learners to explore communication best practices as well as psychosocial intervention strategies and approaches they can use with refugees and most importantly protect themselves from the possible emotional side effects that could happen when dealing with refugees' problems.

What You Will Learn

  • Recognize the situation of refugees in the World and in the Arab World specifically.
  • Learn about the refugees' experience and associated psychosocial dysfunction and its symptoms.
  • Learn basic strategies of psychosocial aid of refugees
  • Learn how to communicate with refugees
  • Learn how to adapt and cope with psychosocial dysfunction among refugees
  • Learn how to deal with special refugees' populations such as older people, children, exploited women and refugees with disabilities
  • Learn the basic self-help strategies that refugees can do to promote their psychosocial wellbeing
  • Learn how psychosocial workers can protect themselves from being affected with psychosocial dysfunction

Instructors and Team

Dr. Mohammad S. Nazzal
Dr. Mohammad S. Nazzal

Dr. Mohammad Nazzal holds a PhD in Occupational Therapy from Texas Woman's University in Houston, Texas. Dr. Nazzal is an American Board certified in Occupational Therapy. He is currently an assistant professor of Occupational Therapy in the department of rehabilitation sciences at Jordan University of Science & Technology . His research interests include: Community integration of people with disabilities, Occupational participation, pediatric and neuro-developmental rehabilitation and qualitative research methodologies. Dr. Nazzal has extensive teaching and research experience and a principle investigator on many projects funded locally and internationally. Dr. Nazzal is the JUST-CRS project coordinator; an Erasmus Plus project to establish a master program in rehabilitation sciences funded by the European Union. Dr. Nazzal has participated in many national reform committees including setting the standards for higher education programs in occupational therapy and community-based rehabilitation in Jordan.

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