Train-The-Trainer Program: The Novice Trainer Level

Language Arabic
Start Date 29/03/2020
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 10 hours
Level Entry Level

IBCT TOT Program, the Novice Trainer Level Your Access to the World of Training

The International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT) developed, in close harmony with the Edraak foundation, Created this online introductory TOT program, the Novice Trainer Level. This course is aiming to encourage you to get prepared for practice, embrace the international standards in training and make a difference in the lives of others.

Do you want to find out if becoming a corporate trainer is your passion? This MOOC is the online training to go for, because:

  • It provides a sneak peek into the world of corporate training.
  • You will learn the basics of training and adult learning.
  • You will discover if becoming a trainer is your passion
  • The concise and intensive video sessions will reveal the steps to kickstart your career in training.

We are wishing you the best of success with your exciting journey that starts with; the profession of the trainer, exploring the trainee as a learner and end with the discovery of the core elements of the training process.

What You Will Learn

  • Define the training process.
  • List the knowledge and skills of professional trainers.
  • Discuss the difference between major learning styles.
  • Explain the importance of preparing and qualifying trainers professionally.
  • Carry out some simple training activities within the training room.
  • Elaborate on the importance of considering trainees as adult learners.
  • Show a positive attitude towards the importance of delivering interactive training.
  • Discuss the characteristics of the good learning process.
  • Outline the framework of a training session.
  • Define what is meant by a training program.


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Unit 1: The trainer, skill or talent?

Unit 2: Trainee as a learner

Unit 3: The training process.

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Instructors and Team

Dr. Ahmed Metwally
Dr. Ahmed Metwally

Working as a trainer is most challenging, but at the same time, the most interesting and rewarding. It enables you to impact people’s lives positively. This challenge reaches its maximum when you are being responsible for preparing and qualifying others to be trainers! Those potential trainers will strive, voluntary and involuntary, to copy each behavior and movement you make. Hence, you must be very alert and strictly sticking to the professional standards in the field of training of trainers. However, eventually, you’ll be proud when seeing those new trainers practicing their training skills as per those professional standards. For those enjoyable moments, I’m so pleased to deliver the Training of Trainer (TOT) program on Edraak platform. As the demand for competent trainers in various fields is getting high in today’s market, and the great lack of Arabic professional TOT programs, IBCT has specially developed this introductory TOT course for the native Arabic speakers across the globe. This course is a part of the International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT) training of trainer (TOT) program, the Novice Trainer level (NT).

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