Healthcare Quality management

Language Arabic
Start Date 06/02/2018
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 3 hours
Level Entry Level

This course aims to provide the basic principles and dimensions of quality in healthcare, the components of a quality management program, and the skills needed to develop health policies and procedures in the workplace. This course consists of four lectures (weeks), each of which is about an hour in length, comprising a group of recordings ranging between 4 and 10 minutes. Participants in the course will be given homework to evaluate their understanding of the subject of the lecture.

What You Will Learn

  • Basic principles and dimensions of quality in healthcare.
  • Components of a quality management program.
  • Skills needed to develop health policies and procedures.

Instructors and Team

Rabab Diab
Rabab Diab

Rabab Diab is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Health Care Accreditation Council and the Director of the Education and Consultation Department. She has been with HCAC for more than 4 years to date and has a life time focus on quality improvement and patient safety issues. Ms. Diab has been leading the Education and Consultation arm of HCAC in developing and administering products needed for the improvement of quality in health care settings at all levels. She designs, develops and administers trainings as well as plans and executes strategies for quality improvement. She has been instrumental in designing and improving the HCAC flagship courses and reaped successes in advancing the health care workforce buy in and skills for accreditation compliance. Ms Diab is also a certified consultant and certified surveyor with HCAC. Prior to joining HCAC, Ms. Diab was a freelance healthcare quality consultant, where she provided services in Jordan and the Arab region for healthcare institutions to build quality management systems, prepare for accreditation, and develop the capacity of the healthcare professionals in quality management and performance improvement. Rabab also brings unprecedented expertise in management, staff development, and performance improvement. Ms. Diab has a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Jordan. She has several certifications from institutions such as IHI and ISQua and published recently a study on the impact of the HCAC courses on improving quality and patient safety.

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