Communications Skills

This course is part of the Success Skills and Self-improvement Specialization
Language Arabic
Start Date 26/04/2018
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Entry Level

This course is part of the Success Skills and Self-improvement Specialization!

Professional communication can often feel like its own language, with specific rules and best practices for different situations. Without a thorough understanding of communication in the workplace, a productive work life can seem just out of your grasp.

Effective communication is the key to your professional success. In this course, participants will learn what, when, and how to communicate information across business organizations as well as tips for personal communications. They will learn communication principles and techniques that will help them to clearly articulate their ideas, engage their audiences, and negotiate terms.

Communication is a two-way street. In this course, participants should be ready for thoughtful instruction and to jump in and begin practicing their skills. Each week includes coaching, short assessments, and interactive exercises about real world scenarios to teach communication solutions for the workplace.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the elements that characterize effective communication.
  • Understand the variability in modes of communication depending on direction of communication, dealing with authority, parties being addressed, etc.
  • Understand advantages and limitations of various communication methods.
  • Acquire skills for communicating with supervisors and colleagues in a variety of contexts and media, including email etiquette.
  • Understand how to craft messages differently for different audiences.


  • There are no prerequisites for this course.

Instructors and Team

Jafar Al-Zoubi
Jafar Al-Zoubi

Jafer Al-Zoubi is a Communications Expert and Associated Press Reporter. He has worked in the high-stakes and fast-paced world of broadcast communications for over a decade at prestigious outlets with diverse audiences including Sky News Arabiya – Abu-Dhabi, MBN - Al-Hurra News, Jordan United TV Broadcasting Company (ATV), CNBC Arabia, and Al-Arabiya News Satellite Channel.

Asma`a Al-Btoosh
Asma`a Al-Btoosh

Asma`a Al-Btoosh holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration alongside many international certificates in the science of communication and public relations and has nearly ten years of experience in communications. She has gained many professional certificates in training and has worked with many of the civil society institutions, the private and public sectors, and has trained many individuals in all job levels and from various public and private sectors in the field of communication and media and public relations. For Asma`a, communications is a passion and a behavior before being a profession.

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