Towards an Effective and an Engaging E-Learning

Language Arabic
Start Date 14/06/2020
Duration 3 weeks
Effort 6 hours
Level Entry Level
End Date 08/07/2020

This course comprises a set of very practical and contextualized hands-on assignments to help teachers with their online teaching

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic and orders to shut-down schools teachers in most Arab countries found themselves in an overwhelming situation. On one hand they were eager to finish the school year and to help their students to move online, but on the other hand they were confronted with a long list of challenges. The findings of a quickly conducted survey, that was disseminated among teachers across the Arab world, identified lack of online teaching skills, lack of online instructional design knowledge, lack of needed ICT skills to be among the main challenges. However, teachers outlined also that they need to understand how to communicate online with their students in an effective and constructive way, how to engage them, motivate them and also how to evaluate their performances in the absence of direct physical interaction.

This course was rapidly designed as an immediate response to the increasing needs to develop new knowledge and skill-sets related to online teaching and learning, and how to move smoothly and swiftly from a traditional teaching environment to a more non-conventional online one. This course focuses on the needed instructional design basics that directly help the realization of student engagement and learning experience effectiveness.

The design of this course is based on the provision of numerous simple and easily applicable tools and applications that enable the implementation of presented concepts and principles. The main aim here is to help teachers to experience those concepts and tools, and get to understand them well enough to be ready to implement them with their students.

What You Will Learn

  • Move their teaching from a traditional (face-to-face) setting to an online one.
  • Overcome some of their initial challenges related to the lack of needed knowledge and skill-set.
  • Understand their new roles in the new online learning environment.
  • Develop the basic knowledge-base related to online instructional design.
  • Apply the main online instructional design principles and basics.
  • Implement a set of simple student-engaging techniques.
  • Implement the main principles of humanizing an online learning experience.

Instructors and Team

Dr. Mona Younes
Dr. Mona Younes

Dr. Mona Younes specializes in the field of ‘Education in Emergencies’ as well as ‘Online Education’. She has finished her Master’s Degree in Online Education from the University of Southern Queensland, before moving to Lancaster University to acquire a PhD in ‘Education and Social Justice’. Mona’s focus, research and expertise crystalizes around the educational needs and challenges of refugees, specially refugees in developing countries and the potentials of blended and online learning, to improve their lives. Mona worked with a long list of international organizations, e.g. UNICEF, UNHCR, War Child Holland, Plan International, in projects and research assignments related to the education of refugees in displacement settings, but investigating the challenges and potentials of EdTech to empower marginalized populations and/or improve the efficiency of the educational systems. Mona worked for over 15 years in the educational sector in different Arab countries. She started as a teacher, then teacher trainer, then head of department, and Senior e-Learning Specialist. During her long career, she founded online learning and training departments, managed large-scale educational projects, and worked with schools, ministries, academia and the private sector. Her expertise ranges from teacher training, curriculum design, setting professional development strategies and plans, supervising and mentoring school leaders and administrators, designing online courses, educational repositories and online educational curriculum, conducting educational research and developing evaluation and monitoring reports.

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