Building Website Using Wordpress

Language Arabic
Start Date 08/11/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 6 hours
Level Entry Level

WordPress is the most popular content management and website creation system in the world, accounting for 27% of websites today. One of its most important features is the ease of getting started and whenever you have mastered it, you can create any website that comes to mind in a short time. Whether you want to create an integrated eCommerce site, a site for your company, or even a blog that shares your ideas, it is appropriate. You can also customize your site based on what you want to build and show users through the theme. The longer you use

WordPress is available to everyone, not just programmers because it does not require prior knowledge in programming languages since it relies on a simple and easy content management system for everyone.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the user interface of the WordPress system
  • WordPress Basics: How to create pages, learn about WordPress Menus
  • How to control the shape of the site and the properties covered by the theme and plugins
  • How you can edit and customize your site in the best way to match your brand
  • How to check your site a rank place on the search engine Google
  • How to ensure the security of your site and maintenance

Instructors and Team

Mamdouh Kaldas
Mamdouh Kaldas

Mamdouh Kaldas, graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1998 and worked as a pharmacist for many years in the field, then he moves to work as a freelance as agraphic design and building websites Currently working in graphic design, web building and training. He is a certified Adobe Graphic Trainer he also has courses published on a number of Arab and foreign e-learning sites such as Udemy and Ndrus and others He is particularly interested in e-learning Passionate about self-learning and new in the field of technology and loves to practice sports and travel

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