Women's Rights

Language Arabic
Start Date 08/01/2020
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Entry Level

This course aims at spreading awareness on the status of women’s rights in the Arab world, highlighting the experience of Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia. It aims at exposing the learner to (i) important concepts including feminism and human rights, (ii) the fundamental principles of substantive equality and nondiscrimination;(iii) gender and gender based violence; and (iv) the importance of women empowerment in all aspects of life, with a special focus on women economic and political empowerment.

The course will have two learning plans, one is specialised and extensive with 42 segments, and the other, brief and high level, with 20 segments.

The extensive -specialized- learning plan shall cover the following topics: - The evolution of women's rights in the Arab world and internationally - The international legal framework governing women's rights - Fundamental concepts such as feminism, formal and substantive equality, and non discrimination - The concepts of Gender v. Sex - Forms of violence against women and national frameworks governing same; - Women economic and political empowerment

The short - high level- learning plan shall cover the following topics: - Fundamental concepts such as feminism, formal and substantive equality, and non discrimination; - The concepts of Gender v. Sex; - Forms of violence against women and national frameworks governing same; and - Women economic and political empowerment

What You Will Learn

  • The importance of equality and non-discrimination as fundamental elements of justice in society
  • General legal framework governing women's rights at the international level
  • Forms of violence and discrimination against women
  • The type of equality sought and its attainment
  • The ability to distinguish acts, practices, policies and legislation that discriminate against women
  • Certain legal and societal barriers to women's access to their rights
  • The importance of women's empowerment and participation in all aspects of political, social, cultural, and economic life
  • Economic and political empowerment of women
  • The importance of adopting and addressing women's issues given their issues that related to the society as a whole
  • Community organising and claim making
  • The importance of involving men in the dialogue

Instructors and Team

Noura Al-Saket
Noura Al-Saket

Noura Al-Saket has more than 7 years of legal experience working with Jordanian and international organizations. She is active in the field of women's rights and is currently working in the field of women's economic empowerment through confronting some of the legal and societal obstacles that prevent women from entering, continuing and advancing the labor market. Her latest project ensures the creation of a legal system to confront violence and harassment in the world of work, as well as working with concerned parties to adopt legislation that obliges national institutions to adopt policies in this regard. She also trains activists on gender-related issues. Noura was one of the founders of the Legal Know Your Right initiative, which aims to raise legal awareness on key issues related to the life of the individual in Jordanian society.

Ahmed Kheir
Ahmed Kheir

Ahmed is the co-founder and executive director of Support for Information Technology (SITC), an independent Egyptian civil society organization established in 2006, which utilizes research, advocacy, and litigation to promote and defend Egyptians' right to: (i) knowledge and access to information; (ii) digital protection and privacy, and (iii) media independence. Mr. Kheir has extensive experience developing visual content for human rights advocacy projects and organizations, and he is a talented researcher, having conducted many researches and studies, he is also expert in designing and holding interviews and focus group discussions. Ahmed holds a B.A. in sociology from Ain Shams University in 2003, and Master's degree in Gender and Development from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, where he wrote his thesis on the gender gap in the information and communications industries in Egypt. Ahmed's research for this course focused primarily on feminist movements in Egypt, as well as laws and legislation concerning women's rights in Egypt.

Lobna Mostafa Nahla
Lobna Mostafa Nahla

Lobna works for UNHCR in Egypt as a senior child protection assistant and previously as an eligibility officer, where she assesses and evaluates the status of refugees in Egypt, and conducts research on regional conflicts and human rights, with an emphasis on women's rights. She holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Cairo University and Master’s degree in Gender and Development from Cairo University, where her thesis is focused on women's rights in Sudan. Lobna's research for this course covered topics related to women's political representation and employment rights, particularly in Egypt.

Manar Heikal
Manar Heikal

Manar holds a B.A. in International Law and Honors History from the American University in Cairo, specializing in comparative law and gender, and is also an L.L.B candidate at Cairo University. In addition to her legal studies, she also works as a paralegal at at top-tier law firm in Cairo and conducts research on a freelance basis on women's rights and family law. She has extensive experience conducting legal research, and tends to conduct all of her work with a gender perspective. Manar's research for this course covered gender-related crime and legislation in Egypt, particularly the Egyptian penal code and its relationship to civil society movements in Egypt.

Ban Altakhaineh
Ban Altakhaineh

Ban is a law student at the University of Jordan and a student member in the International Bar Association. She has significant research experience with the Model United Nations, non-governmental entities such as the Information and Research Center, as well as with the University of Jordan teams participating in international competitions such as JESSUP moot court. She’s a youth leader with profound interest in youth empowerment.

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