Writing Picture Books

Language Arabic
Start Date 27/01/2020
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 7 hours
Level Entry Level

Writing Picture Books is a course that teaches how to write a picture book that respects children’s minds, nurture their dreams, care for their fears and quotes from their world. The course explains the basics of picture books, the voice, the structure of the story or the plot, the characters, the value that the book promotes, and last, the syntax needed.

A bachelor in literature is not a prerequisite for this course, nor do you need to be a published writer. However what is needed is a natural tendency to tell a story. You also need to know a lot about the children’s world, respect their logic and their vulnerability.

Not many picture books in the Arab World satisfy the global guidelines of the genre, and the few that do, are mostly based on famous western books. We hope in this course to fill the gap and come up with good original books that reflect our identity and customs!

What You Will Learn

  • After you finish the course you will be able to write a picture book that satisfies the guidelines for the genre that are: creating a flowing narrative, building an attractive character, familiarizing with a 3 act structure plot, communicating a value.


Unit 1: Picture books as concepts

Unit 1 introduces the 4 Butterfly wings of picture books, picture books formats, and decisions writers need to make before writing their picture books

Unit 2: Structure

Unit 2 discusses the different structure types, including the 3-Act structure, and clarifies this through The Princess and The Frog example

Unit 3: Syntax

Unit 3 discusses the syntax of picture books, including the usage of words, building sentences, rhythm, and rhyme

Unit 4: How to Create an Attractive Character

Unit 4 shares the tools needed to build an interesting and successful character

Unit 5: Value

Unit 5 discusses how to build and share an effective value and moral through picture books

Unit 6: How to Write a Page-turner

Unit 6 showcases how to entice readers to turn the page and continue reading your book

Unit 7: How to Get Your Book Published

Unit 7 discusses the types of contracts, steps to publish your books, and publishing options and challenges

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Instructors and Team

Maria Dadouch
Maria Dadouch

Maria Dadouch is a winner of the Katara Prize, Shuman Prize, and Claire Carmichael Novel Prize. Dadouch studied Creative Writing at the University of California, Los Angeles and graduated in 2015. She was granted the Women Authoring Change Fellowship/Seattle, and won the Non-Traditional-Student Contest/UCLA, Ca. Dadouch was hosted by many writing retreats like OMI/ Upstate NY and Hedgebrook/Seattle. In her endeavor to empower debut writers, Dadouch instructed workshops and takes pride in having helped her students until their books were published. 50 of Dadouch’s books were published by famous publishers. Dadouch is a screenwriter and wrote for Maraya comedy series and an animation for Spacetoon. She worked as well as an editor-in-chief for Full Magazine. Dadouch receives invitations for annual writing conferences, festivals, and events, and considers attendance an opportunity to grow.

Layla Audi
Layla Audi

Education: B.A. in English Literature and French language Jordan University 1990 Courses: Special needs courses Jordan University 1992 Work: English language teacher and special needs teacher at various private schools in Amman 1992-1999 Private tutor 1992 - Present Part time Content writer for Saba Consultants in Dubai 2018 - Present Published work: more than 25 stories for various publishing houses local and Arab, paper books and online.

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