User Experience Design

Language Arabic
Start Date 23/04/2018
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours

We may have all heard the term “User Experience Design” or for short: UX Design, but what does this term actually mean?

Have you ever thought about a website or an app, why does this app understand what I want? Why is it easy to navigate through the website? Why is the app easy to use and how can it accurately predict what I want?

On the other hand, do you remember a time you visited a website and struggled to find what you were searching for? Or when you couldn't complete a purchase on an e-commerce site because the purchase process wasn’t easy and straight-forward?

Simply, this is what we call User Experience Design, and as the name mentions; it’s building our website or application or any product based on best practices of UX design, but wait a minute!

Who is the user? How do I identify him/her? Is he/she a current user or future one? Is my website/app up & running or still under construction? How can we build our website the way our user wants? What if we don't have any users?

User Experience Design is not something new, not only is it related to apps & websites but it's also related to tangible products! For example, a TV remote control, there are hundreds of designs for it, but why are some remote controls easier to use than others? Aren’t there remote controls that you need to look at it when you use it, while others you can use it blindly? Weird, isn’t it?

In this MOOC, we will dive into the human brain, how we think, what we like & what we dislike? You may find it odd if you’ve been told that most of our usage for an app/website is something physiological? If I asked you, why do you feel that website A is better than B, or why you chose app X over app Y, while app Y has more information than X? You probably can't tell, it’s internal factors inside each one of us, and to understand these factors, UX Design science emerged.

Join us in this MOOC to understand more about UX Design. How do we understand our users thought process? How do we know our users real needs? How do we conduct usability testing to improve any system while using UX design principles.

What You Will Learn

  • Get to know the term: User Experience Design and how it evolved.
  • UX Design fundamentals and its glossary.
  • Get to know the difference between UX, and UX Design.
  • Understand the path you need to follow to produce any application or website.
  • What are the roles & functions available in this field, and why every single company will need a UX Specialist.
  • Practice real scenarios to better understand UX Design on world-level websites & apps.


  • Nothing, just the passion to learn how to produce digital products that fit any audience

Instructors and Team

Ahmad Al-Huwwari
Ahmad Al-Huwwari

A Product Manager, UX Consultant, Multimedia Lecturer & Mentor based now in Amman, Jordan. While studying Master’s in Australia, I designed & evaluated User Interfaces of many business applications, websites and machines, my passion about User Experience is endless. I’m a regular Speaker about UX topics in many events & conferences. Ahmad started recently his UX company, UXWaves in Jordan, serving companies in the whole region.

Maysoon Al-Quran
Maysoon Al-Quran

A computer engineer graduate who was lucky enough to start a career in UX design early 2015 and conduct user-centered research and design, her passion to share knowledge and spread UX awareness is what has driven her for tutoring, she has been tutoring with German company for more than a year now, and seeing the impact she has on people’s lives makes her love her work even more.

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