Open Knowledge

Language Arabic
Start Date 27/07/2018
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Entry Level

This MOOC deals with the different features of the open contents. It starts by retracing the open movement’s genesis and explores its different aspects. First, it presents open source software as the starting signal of the open movement , then it continues with the presentation of open educational resources, open access and open data. The MOOC explores the open licenses that underpin the open movement. It also examines the open innovation and ends by explaining the economic rationales behind the freeness of several open contents. Specifically the MOOC explains how the platform markets (multisided markets) allow having zero prices.

What You Will Learn

  • At the end of this course, learners should be able to:
  • Understand the different facets of open knowledge resources
  • Find and access different types of open resources
  • Objectively choose between available open licenses
  • Holistically understand the nature of open knowledge and its different drivers, applications and differentiations

Instructors and Team

Dr. Sana Harbi
Dr. Sana Harbi

Sana Harbi is a full professor at the University of Sousse (Tunisia). She serves as a Dean of the High Institute of Finance and taxation. She is a member of several scientific committees at her university as well as at the national level. In the last years, her academic interests focus on the economic value and the economic rationales underpinning the open business models. She also worked on the mechanisms of enterprise creation; especially in the context of the developing countries. She publishes her research papers in prestigious international indexed journals. In addition, Sana Harbi was recently honored as a UNESCO Chair in Open Educational Resources.

Dr. Raouf Jaziri
Dr. Raouf Jaziri

Raouf Jaziri, PhD (France), is an assistant professor in the department of Management at Higher Commercial studies Institute (IHEC) of Sousse. He received a B.A. in Sciences and Mathematics, a Bachelor degree in Management Accounting, and also holds three masters degrees in Entrepreneurship, International Trade and Universities’ Management. He has held several staff positions such as: Chief of Accounting Service at the University of the Center, Director of the sectorial Centre of administration’s vocational training of Sousse. Broadly, Dr. Raouf's methodological research focuses on Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Furthermore, his research interests encompass Higher education quality management, e-learning and Open Educational Resources.

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