Nutrition and Health

Language Arabic
Start Date 06/12/2015
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Entry Level

Under the slogan of ‘the stomach is the ‘house of illness’ and diet is the best medicine’, we launch this course to introduce you to the foundations of food science and help you learn about the serious effects of diet-related health problems.
In our societies, we are accustomed to eating food at any time and in any place, without even realizing its impact on our health. We usually tend to switch to healthy eating or “healthy lifestyle” every now and then, especially when we decide to lose weight. Even during that time, many inaccuracies arise in our diet that lead to health problems. .. We bring to you this course to address the relationship between nutrition and health. We will examine the consequences of dietary imbalances and help you understand the significance of carbohydrates, fat, protein and minerals. We will also familiarize you with common food misconceptions to help you better interpret and weigh health and nutrition information in our fast-paced world.
Topics covered include: - Common food misconceptions - Recommended dietary intakes - Sports and nutrition advice - Interviews with experts will be held on topics such as diseases of the digestive system, cardiovascular disease and obesity in children and adults

Instructors and Team

Diana Tannous
Diana Tannous

Diana Tannous, studied science and nutrition at the American University of Beirut and got her master’s degree in human diet from the University of New Haven in the US, in addition to specialization at Massachusetts General Hospital, affiliated with the Harvard University College of Medicine. Diana is now the director of the nutrition department at Clemenceau Medical Center.

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