Introduction to Music Appreciation

Language Arabic
Start Date 07/04/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 3 hours
Level Entry Level

An easy course, designed to target all people, and does not exclusively target musicians. It aims to increase the musical knowledge for all learners, regardless their backgrounds, thus raising their musical appreciation and exposing them to different types of music that may not have been experienced them before.

This course includes an explanation of classical Western musical instruments and Arabic musical instruments by presenting their images and listening to their sounds, knowing their origins and development.

The course also explains the concept of orchestra, oriental music takht, in addition to the definition of Arabic and Western musical forms, explaining their components, characteristics and listening to some samples, in order to analysis and understand these forms.

In the final part of the course, Arab and Jordanian composers who have reached high level worldwide and have not been highlighted in the media, and learn about their biographies, their achievements, composing styles, and listening to some of their work.

What You Will Learn

  • Identifying the names of orchestral and Arabic instruments
  • Distinguishing the sounds of the different instruments
  • Recognizing the origins and development of the different instruments
  • Introducing some Arab composers who have shaped the world of music
  • Listening to some of the musical works or renowned composers
  • Understand the concept of digital music
  • Familiarizing learners with some Arabic and Western musical styles
  • Raising the musical taste of the learners
  • Opening the learners' ears to musical types that they are not exposed to



Course Introduction - Orchestra - Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass) - Woodwinds (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon) - Brass (Trumpet, French horn, Trombone and Tuba) - Percussion (Timpani, Bass Drum and Xylophone) - Conductor

Arabic and Oriental ensemble /Instruments:

Oriental ensemble - Nai - Oud - Qanoun - Arabic Percussion (Tabla, Riq and Tar or Bandir) - Arabic Music forms (Longa) - Arabic Music forms (Sama’i)

Western Musical forms:

Musical forms (Motife, Melody and Binary form) - Ternary form and Rondo form - Sonata form - Theme and variations - Concerto - Symphony 1 - Symphony 2

Arab composers:

Youssef Khasho - Solhi Al-Wadi - Amer Madi - Haitham Sukkarieh - Nuri Iskandar - Mohammed Othman Sadiq - Tareq Naser

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Instructors and Team

Tareq Jundi
Tareq Jundi

Born in Amman 1983. He started learning Oud at the age of 11 when he joined the preparatory section in the Jordan Academy for Music. Taught by many Jordanian and Arab Oud Masters. In 2007, he completed his Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology, after that he was awarded a scholarship from the Greater Amman Municipality to complete his BA in music performance at the National Music Conservatory; he finished his MA degree at the University of Jordan in music education. In 2009, he ranked second in the International oud competition held at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik/Lebanon. In 2013, he got a special prize from the International Maqam festival as a composer and Oud player which was held in Baku/Azerbaijan. In 2015, he got second place at the International Maqam contest which was held in Baku/Azerbaijan. In 2016, he was honored by the Jordanian ministry of culture as a Jordanian contemporary musician and a tree was planted with his name at the innovation forest. In 2016, he received the Ministry of Culture's Award for Musical Achievement. He has many compositions and studies for the Oud as well as compositions for the eastern ensemble (Takht), music for plays, children’s songs and music for TV shows. Tareq has annual workshops in Jordan in cooperation with different civil organizations and the governmental Jordanian sector, which are interested in spreading the musical culture inside and outside the capital. Tareq released five albums: Bayna Bayn 2008, Music from Amman 2012, Terhaal 2013, Melodies from my childhood 2015 and Sowar 2015 He conducted, composed, played with many bands and represented Jordan and participated in many festivals in Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Turkey, China, Italy, Scotland, England, Latvia, France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Greece and Finland.

Muhannad Al-khateeb
Muhannad Al-khateeb

Muhannad is a singer who began his journey from the National Music Conservatory NMC and then became assistant conductor in his choir and currently specializes in Oud performance at the University of Jordan. He worked as a teacher in an academy for people with special needs, he is a music teacher with Caritas - Jordan (INGO) through their musical project "Music for Peace". He participated in a number of local artistic festivals and evenings and was a member and co-organizer of a number of musical workshops around Jordan.

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