Protect systems from penetrations

This course is part of the Cyber Security
Language Arabic
Start Date 21/01/2020
Duration 10 weeks
Effort 0 hours
Level Entry Level
End Date 01/04/2020

In this course, we will present a set of methods and software that you will need to create a safe environment that protects your system from hacking and cyber attacks, and we will talk about a free antivirus program and learn to install and use it, and also we will talk about the most famous free firewall programs for 2019 and learn how to install and use it, as we will learn how Download and install a program that enables users to create more than one virtual work environment such as Kali Linux on one physical device and use it at the same time with the physical device, and we will also learn how to share files and give powers to the shared files, and in the end we will learn How to protect and encrypt our data with Bitlocker.  

What You Will Learn

  • The ability to choose a virus protection program suitable for your device capabilities and is highly efficient
  • What are the components of the program and how to use it to achieve the highest levels of protection
  • How to choose a suitable firewall program for your work environment
  • What are the components of the program and how will it protect the working environment from unwanted breakthroughs?
  • How to download VMWARE and what are its most important features
  • What is Kali Linux OS?
  • How to download the system and what are its main parts
  • Find out the correct way to share files
  • How to preach appropriate powers to the right person
  • What is hard disk encryption, how it is applied and what is its importance

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