Internet of Things

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Start Date 18/05/2018
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What is Internet of Things? Are you interested in developing your knowledge and technological expertise and know the requirements of IoT? Do you want to take opportunities in future jobs at Internet world of things?

Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a rapid rate, and it is becoming increasingly important for professionals to understand what it is, how it works, and how to harness its power to improve business. This introductory course will enable learners to leverage their business and/or technical knowledge across IoT-related functions in the workplace. In the course, we will examine the concept of IoT. We will look at the ‘things’ that make up the Internet of Things, including how those components are connected together, how they communicate, and how they value add to the data generated. We will also examine cybersecurity and privacy issues, and highlight how IoT can optimize processes and improve efficiencies in your business. We would like to thank LivingTech LLC for their support in filming the course trailer

What You Will Learn

  • IoT History and Evolution from other Technology sectors
  • The concepts of IoT and its Ecosystem
  • The impact of IoT on Business and other Life segments
  • The various components and architecture of IoT
  • The different technologies behind the IoT
  • Different IoT Use Cases and their trends
  • The security and privacy challenges in IoT
  • The debate between pros & cons of IoT


Week 1: The IT Evolution and Internet technologies that contributed to our access to internet of things

We'll go over a quick definition of Internet of Things, Information Technology history & evloution. Telecom History & its Integration with Internet.

Week 2: The integration between telecom and Information Technology

Birth , Definition and Evolution & Development of Internet of things, the environment of IoT, we will compare also between pros & cons of IoT, and then take a look at the challenges that face IoT

Week 3: IoT Architecture and Components

We will discover the IoT architecture, what are the hardware & software needed to build an IoT system, like sensors, motors & actuators, IoT protocols and the platforms that supports the integration between HW & SW.

Week 4: Practical Application of IoT in our life

We will see where is IoT now & where it will be in the future, what are the business application of IoT, how to build your first IoT project, and what are the vacancies that will be in high demand due to the raise of IoT

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Instructors and Team

Eng. Feras Diab
Eng. Feras Diab

Eng. Feras has around 20 years of experience in Consulting and Project Management within the Telecommunication and Software Industries with global and multinational companies in Middle East, Africa, and Asia. He managed tens of large projects and programs and provided consultancy for clients such as the major Telecom Operators, Large Enterprises and Governments around these regions. On academic level, Feras holds a in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Jordan. He is certified PMP and Certified TopSIM Trainer in Management and Leadership. Feras is an active leader volunteer and board member with several professional organization such as IEEE and PMI for more than 20 years. Currently he is the Industry Officer in IEEE Jordan Section and the VP of Communication and IT in PMI Jordan Chapter. Feras conducted tens of sessions and workshops in Project Managements, Digital Transformation and IoT topics, he founded several startups and he is currently the founder and the CEO of Converged Technology, a Digital Transformation Enabler, and the Connection of Things, an IoT Consulting and Training company.

Eng. Deema Al-Saleh
Eng. Deema Al-Saleh

Mechatronics Engineer from Hashemite university, ERP Specialist in The Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co JPM Group. TOT Certified and mentor in WAG & working in Business Development at Connection of things for IoT solution. Deema is a member in Business professional Women at Jordan & founder of Elow startup business, she is also a winner in Mesh Mostaheel Show.

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