Word Processing

This course is part of the International Computer Driving Licence - ICDL Base
Language Arabic
Start Date 02/01/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Entry Level

Many of us need to write texts and documents whether in the field of work or private life, such as writing letters, reports, biographies, books and others.

With technology evolution and the use of electronic devices, it is necessary to use text processing applications that enable you to write and modify texts easily and quickly and in a well-deisgned format, creating tables, correct linguistic and grammatical errors, and other features that allow you to create a professional document and ready to print in less time and effort.

One of the most popular programs for word processing is Microsoft Word, one of the programs in the Office suite, there are many versions of MS Word, and the latest version is Microsoft Word 2016.

The importance of Microsoft Word is its simplicity, its ability to save information is unlimited, which facilitated the work of companies, organizations, all other sectors of education and services areas, and reduced the volume of paper use, where users can save all their data on Word files on their PC or phone, MS Word became essential in all fields of business today.

What You Will Learn

  • Working with documents and save them in various file formats
  • Using help function included in the program to enhance productivity
  • Creating, editing, and distributing documents
  • Appling different formats to document content with good practices
  • Insert tables, images, and drawing objects into your documents
  • Set up appropriate documents for mail merge operations
  • Adjust the document page settings appropriately
  • Review the document, correct spelling errors
  • Print documents with appropriate options

Instructors and Team

Hiba Abu Odwan
Hiba Abu Odwan

Hiba got her bachelor degree in Information Technology from Balqa' Applied University, she is a certified trainer in ICDL and got CTP certificate in training, she is working as a full-time trainer with Specto, the leading and official ICDL representative in 10 countries in the MENA region

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