Computer Essentials

This course is part of the International Computer Driving Licence - ICDL Base
Language Arabic
Start Date 02/01/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Entry Level

Using technology is essential in our daily lives. It is used for almost everything, like obtaining information that enables us to keep ahead of news, trends, technology, or any other area, in addition to saving time, effort and money.

Therefore, computer became one of the necessities of this age, it is crucial in all areas of personal life, social, educational, economic, etc., and your knowledge of the basic processes of dealing with the personal computer is an important goal to carry out the main tasks of using it.

File management is also an important process to improve efficiency and maintain the operation of a computer, so it is necessary to identify the basics of dealing with the computer from the operation and change settings and method of integration with the programs and windows and files that serve the purpose of the use of the computer, which will be identified in detail throughout this course.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand key concepts related to ICTs, computers, hardware and software
  • Learn the right way to turn on your computer and turn it off properly
  • Work effectively on a desktop computer using icons and windows
  • Adjust the OS settings and use the Help / Hints feature
  • Create a simple document and print output
  • Learn about key concepts for managing files and organising files and folders efficiently
  • Understand key storage concepts and use compression software and extract large files
  • Understand network concepts and connectivity options
  • Understand the importance of protecting data and devices from malware, and the importance of data backup
  • Learn about green IT considerations and user health

Instructors and Team

Hiba Abu Odwan
Hiba Abu Odwan

Hiba got her bachelor degree in Information Technology from Balqa' Applied University, she is a certified trainer in ICDL and got CTP certificate in training, she is working as a full-time trainer with Specto, the leading and official ICDL representative in 10 countries in the MENA region

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