Introduction to the French Language

Language Arabic
Start Date 08/01/2020
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 20 hours
Level Entry Level

The French language is to many the language of love and romance. Well, it doesn’t stop there. The French language is widely spoken; there are an estimated 300 million French speakers worldwide, that makes French the 5th most widely spoken language on the planet and the only one, together with English, to be spoken on all five continents.

This introductory MOOC, presented by Edraak and endorsed by the French Institute in Amman, will provide you with a solid base in French upon which your knowledge builds up, and before you know it, you will find yourself progressing steadily. You will learn how to present yourself, express your likes and dislikes, your needs and your desires. You will also learn how to convey certain emotions and understand other speakers talking about themselves. You shall also talk about places, give reasons and explain your intentions. We will also learn to tell the time.

The technique lies not in memorizing but rather in understanding the structure of the sentence as each language has its own logic, leading you to become autonomous and the main objective of this MOOC can be summarized in one word: autonomy. Therefore, it’s important to write down notes, and go through them regularly in order to master the topics. At the end of the day, practice and repetition are essential in the language learning process.

Let’s start!

What You Will Learn

  • French Language principles, alphabets, and numbers
  • Learn how to conjugate and use verbs to Be, to Have, to Go
  • Learn how to use adjectives, nationality, and profession in masculine and feminine
  • Talk about countries and destinations using verb to Go using the proper preposition
  • Learn the different articles (definite and indefinite articles)
  • Construct sentences using preposition
  • Express feelings using verb to Have
  • Introduce yourself and describe somebody physically


Unit 1: Introduction

In this unit you will learn how to present yourself and understand simple questions related to identity. You will also learn how to read and write basic French based on the different sounds produced by combined letters, how to conjugate verbs, and negate forms.

Unit 2: Verb to Be

In this unit you will learn how to conjugate and use verb To Be, use adjectives, nationality, and profession in masculine and feminine forms and present others. You will also learn numbers from (0-69) and learn how to tell the time.

Unit 3: Verb to Have

In this unit you will learn to conjugate and use the verb To Have and learn the different articles (definite and indefinite). You will also continue learning numbers above 70 in order to tell one’s age. Finally, you will learn how to describe physical appearance.

Unit 4: Verb to Go

In this unit you will learn how to conjugate and use verb To Go, how to describe places, and construct sentences using preposition. You will learn how to talk about countries and destinations and give an explanation using different connecting words.

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Instructors and Team

Zuhair Tuffaha
Zuhair Tuffaha

Zuhair holds a Master’s degree in French as a foreign language (FLE) from Université d’Artois - France and taught French at the French Institutes of Jordan, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Whilst completing his Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy, Zuhair returned to learning French after realizing how greatly he enjoys it, not knowing that his passion for French will inspire him to teach it in the future.

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