First Aid

Language Arabic
Start Date 11/01/2017
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Entry Level

In daily basis, we are exposed to many emergency situations and injuries that need urgent and rapid disposal until the arrival of the medical staff or the transfer of the injured to the hospital.

Show serious problem in the case of not knowing how to behave properly with the injury, or when someone volunteers to provide assistance incorrectly could lead to further injury or bad situation ... or, God forbid ... death.

Hence, the role and importance of learning first aid and how to properly deal with emergency situations and skills comes with two main goals:

• preserve the lives of the injured. • prevent complications.

The Basic Skills for First Aid of the most important skills that everyone should know, regardless of the educational and cultural level or even age group.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the emergency situations and accidents of various kinds, and the possibility of intervention to help or not.
  • To act in emergency situations and accidents of various kinds, "cardiac arrest and breathing - suffocation or Algsh - disorder or change the degree of awareness - to deal with cases of burns, fractures and wounds and bleeding - to act in the case of snakes, insects, or animal bites bites ... and other injuries.
  • Readiness and preparedness for emergencies.
  • Non-intervention in case of emergency in the event of the unavailability of information or the ability.

Instructors and Team

Dr.Ahmad Ramzy
Dr.Ahmad Ramzy

Dr.Ahmad Specialized in infectious diseases, Tropical Medicine and endemic diseases at Ain Shams University. Holds a master's degree and qualify for a doctorate degree in Tropical Medicine and endemic diseases. Holds a diploma in infection control and infectious diseases prevention as well as Management of healthcare facilities from the American University in Cairo Worked as an assistant lecturer in "Department of Basic Medical Sciences University – Microbiology." Worked as a consultant to many United Nations bodies in Egypt, "the International Organization for Migration, IOM, the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, the United Nations Development Programme in Egypt, UNDP. Dr. Ahmed certified instructor in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid from many local and international organizations as Egyptian red Crescent, and the American Heart Association "AHA" and the Institute of Emergency Care and Safety Institute "ESCI". Certified Trainer of "Sphere" project of the Commission oF International Committee of the Red Cross as a Specialist and trainer in the management of disasters and crises. And also, a certified instructor from the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA in the Middle East for training on dealing with medical cases based on gender violence, rape and SGBV. Former project manager of working against GBV in Arab Medical Union "AMU". Certified trainer in Regional Training Center "RTC", Ain shams University.

Dr.Afaf Hihazy
Dr.Afaf Hihazy

Dr.Afaf graduated from the Faculty of Medicine - Ain Shams University and then appointed by a physician specialized in dermatology and cosmetology and is preparing for a master's degree in dermatology and cosmetics from Ain Shams University, a member of the Scientific Society of Medicine, Ain Shams. Certified First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation by many companies and training bodies and director of scientific research program team "Fe el 3adal" and one of the founders of the team and the program.

Nora Fawzy
Nora Fawzy

Nora now is a pharmacist graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Science Pharmaceutical - Ahram Canadian University, Certified First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation several bodies and student associations and member of the Egyptian Federation of Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy - EPSF, member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation model MOIC and also a member of the Scientific Society Ahram Canadian and responsible Da'aih University the announcement. Currently operates director of technical design team program "fee el 3adal."

Nourhan Samy
Nourhan Samy

Nourhanne currently in the final year at the Faculty of Medicine, and is preparing for the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery - School of Medicine - Ain Shams University, Certified First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation several bodies and student associations, coordinated the work of the Scientific Committee official scientific and channel the Federation of Students of the Faculty of Medicine - Ain Shams University . And responsible social networking pages and marketing team work program "Fee el 3adal."

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