English Writing Skills

Language English
Start Date 26/09/2018
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 4 hours
Level Intermediate Level

This free course teaches you the skill of writing in English as well as thinking critically for that purpose. Writing in English is a challenge that many Arab and second language speakers of English face. And recognizing that challenge, we have built this course specifically to help you develop your ideas in English.

You would need this course if you are entering University or the job market and is struggling with writing essays, graduation projects, reports, giving presentations and sending emails for work. If any of these are the challenge you face, take this course and find out how it will help you progress.

This course requires practice from your side to build your English writing skills. Through examples and exercises in English, you will be able to improve bit by bit your talent in writing in English. It also helps you develop your ideas and build logical arguments you can use in your daily life.

During the writing process, you will learn to:

-- Use critical thinking as well as creativity to produce an authentic essay, email, speech and presentation.

-- Deal with the challenges you may face as a writer.

-- Write and send professional emails

-- Design and give a speech and presentation

-- Practice writing, drafting, revising, and rewriting to improve your writing skills.

-- Have a greater understanding of how an argument is built that can be used in an academic setting and real life.

What You Will Learn

  • Write professional E-mails
  • Design an effective speech
  • Give a presentation
  • Take minutes for a meeting
  • Build a logical argument
  • Write a summary
  • Apply methods of research
  • Produce an effective essay
  • Leave a positive impression on an audience
  • Create a Power Point presentation


  • Writing in English is a challenge that many face. This course can help you form your ideas in English, learn how to write an email, essay & speech.


Week 1

General Introduction/The Power of Words/The Power of the Spoken Word/Ending with A Bang!/From Paper to Person/Write to Impress/Writing Skills: Writing an Email/Writing Skills: Typing an Email/Writing Skills: Taking Minutes/Writing Skills: Preparing Note Cards/Writing Skills: Designing a Presentation

Week 2

The Introduction of an Essay\Introductions that Inspire/Background Information & Thesis Statement/Why Audience Matters?/Building a Foundation/Quotations & Counter- Arguments/Summarization

Week 3

Putting Flesh on an Argument/Building Ideas: TEESL part 1/TEESL part 2/Speaking against Yourself/Guidelines on Using Counter- Arguments/Writing a Conclusion/Objectivity vs. Subjectivity

Week 4

Checking your Draft/Cohesion, Transitions, Conclusions/Organization/Selecting a title/Plagiarism & References/Proofreading/How to Format an Essay/Types of Essays

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Instructors and Team

Dr. Mais Qutami
Dr. Mais Qutami

Dr. Mais Qutami is an Associate Professor of English who received the Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award for her dissertation and was awarded a teaching certificate to teach writing by Indiana university of Pennsylvania where she studied and worked. She has taught at various universities in USA, Jordan, Oman, and Qatar. She published several academic papers on American and Comparative literature, teaching, and feminist theory. Dr. Qutami has been frequently invited by universities in the USA to speak on issues relevant to postcolonial literature, Western perceptions, Arab Islamic Feminism, Arab American literature, veiling, and Muslim women's rights. She has presented her papers on literature and teaching English as a second language at multiple international conferences in America, United Kingdom, Canada, UAE, Morocco, and Oman.

Dr. Suha Qutami
Dr. Suha Qutami

Dr. Suha Qutami is an Assistant Professor in English Literature. She works with Toronto District School Board as a Language Assessor and teaches English online. She has taught at Jordan University, Balqa University, Zarka University and others. She obtained her PhD from Jordan University in 2002. She has published several books along with other professors, such as “Effective Communication Skills” and “Introduction to Literature”. She is also the author of a series of children’s books like “Dino and the Bacteria”, “Dino at the Lake” among others. In addition, she published numerous papers in English. Currently, she resides in Toronto, Canada.

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