Language Arabic
Start Date 15/05/2017
Duration 4 weeks
Effort 0 hours
Level Entry Level
End Date 13/06/2017

Social Media is now an important aspect of every business whether big or small. However, it plays a bigger role for small businesses who operate on lower budgets at the beginning stage. Social Media is true to be thought of as a cheaper way of marketing than traditional marketing, nevertheless it still works according to budget and requires time and planning. In this course we will be talking about why is Social Media important and how to plan and implement it to reach the goals of your business.

What You Will Learn

  • The topics that we will discuss are:
  • What is Social Media
  • Why is Social Media important for Small businesses
  • How to coordinate your social media channels
  • How to implement your social media strategy plan
  • How to measure and analyse your efforts against your goals


  • None

Instructors and Team

Safa Rahal
Safa Rahal

Graduated from the Lebanese International University in Beirut with a Bachelor degree in Business Management. Safa has started her career in the retail industry and then shifted into hospitality where she built her experience in the field of E-commerce and Online Marketing for 7 years. Her last job was at Movenpick Hotels & Resorts of Jordan as the E-commerce & Marketing Manager responsible for the 5 properties located in Jordan. Her expertise then led her to work closely with the online community and take part in several events. Now, she is dedicated to giving trainings & workshops in the field of Digital Marketing.

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