Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

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Language Arabic
Start Date 01/04/2020
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 3 hours
Level Intermediate Level

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Emotional intelligence was one of the main variables that emerged as one of the essential characteristics of a successful leader. Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to perceive ourselves and our personal feelings and the awareness of others and their feelings, so that we can motivate ourselves and manage our emotions properly, both with ourselves and in our relationships with others.

According to studies, emotional intelligence represents 85% of the reasons for high performance by leading individuals, and it has a positive and measured impact on institutional performance, where developing emotional intelligence can double workers productivity of a large portion of the roles that they perform.

In this course, various aspects will be discussed and how we use emotional intelligence with leadership: What is the definition of a leader? Qualities and practices of a successful leader? How do we practice it in the work environment, and in the various areas of our lives? The relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership? How does emotional intelligence help us to stand out as leaders in different decision-making positions?

What You Will Learn

  • Defining an emotionally intelligent leader.
  • Discussing the leader's role in creating change.
  • Learning about stress management using emotional intelligence.
  • Learning about the types of mentalities and their impact on the leadership style.
  • Discussing how to build positive relationships among team members.
  • Achieving a balance between life and work.


First Unit: Emotionally Intelligent Leader

In this unit we will be taking Unit 1 Revision what is an Emotionally Intelligent Leader, A Leader: Born or Raised, Practical Exercise, Motivating Leader, Inspiring Leadership, Case Study.

Second Unit: Managing Change

In this unit we will be talking about Leadership and Making Change, Change 1, Change 2, Leading Change, Inspiring Change, Maintaining Change, Making Change Happen.

Third Unit: Managing Stressors

In this unit we will be talking about Building Positive Relations, Managing Pressure, Managing Fear and Anxiety, Team Moral, Growth Mindset 1, Growth Mindset 2, Excellence at Work.

Fourth Unit: Positive Relations

In this unit we will be talking about Positive Work Environments, Empathy, Commitment, Optimism, Handling Difficult Colleagues, Managing Expectations, Work Life Balance.

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Instructors and Team

Sereen Abu Maizar
Sereen Abu Maizar

Sereen abu Maizer is a leader in the field of emotional intelligence (EQ). She first realized her strengths in this area while working in the banking sector for many years. She had a talent for diffusing conflict and improving communication which led her to training others in banking to do the same. Recognizing that managing relationships is a combination of knowledge, skills and attitude, Sereen sought further information and stepped into the world of emotional intelligence. Sereen’s path of self-discovery prompted her lifelong commitment to supporting people to succeed in their personal and professional lives. A Certified International Professional Trainer, Sereen has spent the past 11 years developing and conducting trainings for leaders in the private and non-profit sectors, as well as educational institutions across the Middle East. In 2013, Sereen was certified as an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and in 2016, as an Emotional Intelligence Assessor, by Six Seconds, a U.S.-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the awareness of emotional intelligence. She has spoken at numerous events and conferences including at the World EQ Summits held in the U.A.E and India in 2017 and at Jordan’s 2017 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. In 2016, Sereen co-founded Indigo, a company specializing in the social, emotional and educational development of children, and a preferred partner of Six Seconds in the Middle East. Sereen holds a BA in Business Administration and MIS and is completing a higher degree in Child Education. She lives with her husband and young twins in Amman, Jordan.

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