Emotional Intelligence and One's Self

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Language Arabic
Start Date 01/04/2020
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 3 hours
Level Intermediate Level

Emotional Intelligence and One's Self

Recently, the term emotional intelligence has spread, and the focus has increased on its importance as the most essential skill we need in various aspects of life. Studies have shown that emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important and effective in social and business life than mental intelligence (IQ).

So what is emotional intelligence? What is its importance? How can it help us? In the course of emotional intelligence and self, we gathered studies, research, training and explanation of the largest possible number of questions, in addition to methods and ways to help us know how to deal with our emotions and feelings positively and effectively, and how can we develop and lead our lives in a positive way to achieve the maximum possible results that we wish.

It is important to realize here that individual emotional intelligence can be developed by investing in increasing self-awareness and self-knowledge, and what is meant by self-knowledge is to delve into some simple questions that many do not fully know the answer to, such as the awareness of feelings and personal patterns and goal setting, knowledge of internal values and motivations, and the knowledge of strength points and weakness points.

What You Will Learn

  • The educational objectives for the first course
  • Defining Emotional Intelligence.
  • Learning about the Emotional Intelligence Competency Model, its components and applications.
  • Learning about the Cognitive Triangle and its applications.
  • Developing the Power of Choice ability.
  • Achieving a deeper understanding of self: values and goals.


First Unit: What is Emotional Intelligence

In this unit we will be talking about the Introduction of the course, Emotions and what are they?, Managing emotions, Emotional intelligence model-Introduction, Emotional intelligence model-Know yourself, Emotional intelligence model-Choose yourself and Emotional intelligence model-Give yourself.

Second Unit: Thoughts, Feelings and Actions

In this unit we will be talking about the Cognitive Triangle, Emotional Literacy, Distorted Thoughts 1, Distorted Thoughts 2, Emotions and Action, Power of Choice and a Practical Exercise.

Third Unit: Decision Making

In this unit we will be talking about Emotional Intelligence and Making Decisions, Emotional and Rational Decisions, Decision Making Criteria, Decision Making Variables, Intrinsic Motivation, Listening Skills and Case Studies.

Fourth Unit: Noble Goal

In this unit we will be talking about the Noble Goal 1, Noble Goal 2, Actual Self and Desired Self, Values, Know Yourself, Continuous Motivation and Revision for the course.

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Instructors and Team

Sereen Abu Maizar
Sereen Abu Maizar

Sereen abu Maizer is a leader in the field of emotional intelligence (EQ). She first realized her strengths in this area while working in the banking sector for many years. She had a talent for diffusing conflict and improving communication which led her to training others in banking to do the same. Recognizing that managing relationships is a combination of knowledge, skills and attitude, Sereen sought further information and stepped into the world of emotional intelligence. Sereen’s path of self-discovery prompted her lifelong commitment to supporting people to succeed in their personal and professional lives. A Certified International Professional Trainer, Sereen has spent the past 11 years developing and conducting trainings for leaders in the private and non-profit sectors, as well as educational institutions across the Middle East. In 2013, Sereen was certified as an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and in 2016, as an Emotional Intelligence Assessor, by Six Seconds, a U.S.-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the awareness of emotional intelligence. She has spoken at numerous events and conferences including at the World EQ Summits held in the U.A.E and India in 2017 and at Jordan’s 2017 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. In 2016, Sereen co-founded Indigo, a company specializing in the social, emotional and educational development of children, and a preferred partner of Six Seconds in the Middle East. Sereen holds a BA in Business Administration and MIS and is completing a higher degree in Child Education. She lives with her husband and young twins in Amman, Jordan.

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