Information Design Basics

Language Arabic
Start Date 06/02/2018
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Entry Level

Ever thought about how you usually understand signs and color codes even when there is no text? How can a color give you a sign of danger, how can you understand a sign with no text? And how does designs change into information?

This course is open for anyone who wants to create clear information design (eg, charts, diagrams or ‘infographics’) or have an understanding of how to use it.

No previous design experience is needed for this course, it is about the underlying principles of effective visual communication.

You will be introduced to the steps you need to create successful visualizations, including key lessons in typography, information architecture, layout, color, and more.

By the end of this course you should be able to understand and use the principles of information design, assess information design and have the capacity to improve upon it, as well as effectively organize and present information that appeals, is understandable and helps people retain information.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to information design and the history of data visualization.
  • Basic skills in data visualization.
  • Building your own visual modeling frameworks.
  • Tips on preparing and finalising visualized information before it is published.
  • Available tools on the Internet that helps you visualize information.
  • The use of infographics in various industries: the economy, the press and the community.


  • Subscribers will benefit more from the course with previous knowledge in Paint or Adobe Illustrator.

Instructors and Team

Nada Jaffal
Nada Jaffal

Nada Jaffal is a design researcher who is skilled at synthesizing complex data, then translating it into meaningful and actionable insights. She taught as a full time lecturer at the School of Architecture and Built Environment at the German Jordanian University in Amman for four consecutive years, and now she occasionally teaches at Design Institute Amman. Previously she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design focusing on Design Research and Design Leadership from Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her personal design research interests center around designing innovative solutions for social issues like education reform and sustainability.

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