Delegation, Coaching and Mentoring Skills

This course is part of the Leadership and Teamwork Skills Specialization
Language Arabic
Start Date 12/12/2018
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 3 hours
Level Entry Level

Effective delegation is considered to be one of the most important managerial skills. If practiced effectively it can build the human capital, hence enhancing competencies of the workforce & increasing productivity. At the same time, there is a big amount of difficulty that lies in this important skill that needs careful attention by the leadership of the organization. In order to activate delegation fully we need to add coaching & mentoring skills that enhances employee engagement & makes delegation even more effective.

The course includes the following topics:

Notion of delegation

Importance of delegation in management

Correct methodology of delegation

Problem managers face in delegation

Practical case studies

Coaching & mentoring: concept and links to delegation

Behaviors of an effective coach

Balance between giving instructions & support

Feedback skills

Correcting performance issues through coaching & mentoring

Characteristics of the effective delegator

Characteristics of the effective coach & mentor

Practical guidelines

What You Will Learn

  • Defining team work and highlighting its importance
  • Identifying the different types of teams
  • Identifying the personal team style
  • Studying the 5 stages of Tuckman’s Team Formation model
  • Introducing the highly effective team characteristics
  • Training on collective communication skills
  • Use problem solving skills in teams
  • Dealing properly with difficult behaviors in teams
  • Developing team spirit in organizations of all sorts


Module 1:

Clarify the concept of effective delegation - Verify the importance and inevitability of delegation within the workplace - Identify tasks that can be delegated and can not be delegated - Determine the eligibility of delegated persons

Module 2:

Identifying and using the proper delegation mechanism - Identifying the problems and challenges facing the delegator and ways of preventing them - Importance of follow-up with regard to delegation - Identifying the characteristics of the effective delegator

Module 3:

Mentoring skills Introduction - Identification and understanding of the five basic skills of coaching and mentoring - Defining mentoring and all that relates to it - Avoiding mentoring risks

Module 4:

Training in the skills of delegation, mentoring and coaching through case studies - Understanding the principles mentoring- Obtaining management guidance for successful and effective management

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Instructors and Team

Dr. Suhail Jouaneh
Dr. Suhail Jouaneh

Dental Surgeon by profession, Mindset Surgeon by passion. Suhail leads learning & development at Better Business in Amman Jordan. Motivated, personable executive coach and business facilitator, he is accustomed to handling difficult senior management cases through coaching and business counseling. He has organized thousands of workshops and trained more than 25,000 people from over 40 countries around the world mainly in the Middle East and GCC in English, Arabic (KSA, UAE, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Istanbul) and in French for the French speaking North West Africa; Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Currently, Dr. Suhail is sought after internationally for speaking engagements.

Razan Hanania
Razan Hanania

Razan is currently the Learning & Development Accounts Manager at Better Business. She is highly committed to high standards of Human Resource management that has contributed significantly to exploiting organizational productivity while playing key role in ensuring the achievement of company-wide objectives. A strategic thinker and planner; skilled in development, support, and execution of effective human resources programs, policies and procedures. Has exceptional abilities to introduce and streamline HR functions to improve retention rate, increase efficiency, facilitate growth, and reduce cost. Razan has a Bachelor of Applied Science from Canada; Honors Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Minor in Business. She is also holder of Masters of Engineering Management from University of Ottowa, Canada.

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