Career path in Cyber Security

This course is part of the Cyber Security
Language Arabic
Start Date 21/01/2020
Duration 10 weeks
Effort 0 hours
Level Entry Level
End Date 01/04/2020

You might consider getting a job in cyber security because you read about the high salaries for this field, the excellent benefits and endless job opportunities. However, there are also substantial benefits to working as a professional in cyber security. These individuals perform duties vital to the security of highly sensitive data. As a cyber security expert, you will protect your databases, websites and internet-connected devices from harmful breaches. By working in cyber security as much public service as it is a way to make a living. In this course, you will focus on career paths of cyber security. You will apply your evolving sense of alignment with these paths towards a plan to make a real difference in this rapidly changing and high-demand area. This course will include advice from a guest lecturer who brings a wealth of experience and perspectives on educational standards, employer needs and workforce development trends.

What You Will Learn

  • Cyber ​​Security Jobs - Why and Where?
  • Areas of work in the Syrian security
  • Roles of work in cyber security
  • The most important certificates that help you in the field of cyber security
  • Job security and career planning tools
  • Certificate and scope of work in ISO 27001

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