Business Etiquette

Language Arabic
Start Date 25/09/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 4 hours
Level Entry Level

Etiquette is one of the most important arts known to mankind. The art of etiquette is one of the oldest arts and sciences that accompanied humanity in its creation. It has a number of rules and behaviors that enable people to behave towards different situations in a civilized way. It is a renewed art that touches on all aspects of our social and professional lives.

We will talk about the basics of etiquette and its history. We will learn how etiquette is linked to logic and the rules of precedence, courtesy, and apology. We will learn about body language, examples the right of way of sitting, walking and more.

We also learn about the prohibitions and tolerances in the etiquette of speech and conversation, how to build relationships and how to move away from the destruction of our relations, how to open small conversations, how to answer the embarrassing questions and how to deal with criticism and rejection.

Learn about the basics of attire for women and men in daily life, social events, and professional events.

What You Will Learn

  • The basics of business etiquette
  • Provide the necessary skills to practice and apply etiquette rules
  • Simplify etiquette concepts and learn about their relationship to the person behavior
  • Learn about etiquette techniques that improve self-development and self-confidence
  • The etiquette skills needed to make a good first impression
  • Etiquette of body language and conversation
  • How to stand, sit, walk and avoid wrong body movements
  • How to give a proper handshake
  • Proper etiquette for conversation
  • How to build relationships
  • Work attire and dress code etiquette for women and men

Instructors and Team

Salam Saad
Salam Saad

Salam Saad is an expert, trainer and writer in diplomatic relations, ethics, protocol, self-development, communication, public speaking, media, management and professional skills. She has trained high-level public figures from politicians, ambassadors, judges, businessmen, media and artists, in addition to training for employees of major companies, schools and universities throughout the Arab world. Salam is the Director of the Steves Institute for Training, a former Cambridge University graduate. She has been on the media for more than 393 views since 2013. She has a book on the market about etiquette, which will be published at the end of this year in addition to writing for a variety of training programs.

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