Arabic Grammar Basics: Syntax and Orthography

Language Arabic
Start Date 10/05/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 3 hours
Level Intermediate Level

Many believe that Arabic grammar is difficult and complex, and so many others people struggle with Syntax and Orthography. The reason is that the Arabic language skills are not fully integrated into our everyday life. And that grammar is taught in parts during school years so the the learner is not able to connect between the different divisions and use them in the skills of language communication. These grammar rules once presented on a high level and then delved into one by one will make more sense to the learner, and can be used in conversation and writing.

In this course we present you with the basics of grammar in a simplified and systematic manner with examples and practical applications. This course can help you at your job when editing any Arabic text. The examples presented in the course are from ads, emails and communication mediums we use everyday.

The course is split into two parts; the first presents syntax and the second introduces orthography.

Starting from the very beginning of understanding the Arabic sentence, we begin with it's core components: The verb, the noun and the preposition. We move off to then explain the employment of these types of words in the different roles and functions; the grammatical arrangement of words. So we are able to understand the rules for forming words and combining them into sentences. The second part covers the most important rules of orthography, such as why a certain word is written with a "Hamzet Qat'" and not a "Hamzet wasl". How to use and employ punctuation properly. How to differentiate between a "Ta' maftooha" and a "Ta' Marboota" and so on.

What You Will Learn

  • Distinguishing between the three parts of speech: Nouns, Verbs and Particles.
  • Distinguishing between Fixed “Mabni” and Inflectable “Mu’rab” Nouns.
  • The state of inflection of a nominative, accusative and genitive nouns “Al Esm Al Marfou, Al Mansoub and Al Majrour”
  • Distinguishing the Diptote nouns “Al Esm Al Mamnou’ min el Saraf”
  • The infliction of the Five nouns.
  • Using the Fixed “Mabni” and Inflectable “Mu’rab” Nouns correctly.
  • Distinguishing between the three types of verbs: Past “Madi”, Present “Modare’”, Imperative”Amer”
  • Recognizing and using prepositions
  • Using the punctuations correctly.
  • Recognizing the different types of “Hamza” and “Al Alef Al Layyenah”
  • Distinguishing between “Ta’ Maftoohah” and “Ta’ Marbootah”


  • This grammar course targets native Arabic language speakers.


Unit 1: Arabic Nouns 1

In this week, we will start with an introduction about the parts of speech, then we will shed light on the Fixed and Inflectable nouns, and the states of inflection for the nominative nouns.

Unit 2: Arabic Nouns 2

In this week, we will shed light on the states of inflection for Accusative nouns and Genitive noun, and will highlight the Diptote nouns, Appurtenances “Al Tawabe’”, Five names. We will also focus on Numbers and its usage.

Unit 3: Arabic Verbs

In this week, we will shed light on the three types of verbs:Past “Madi”, Present “Modare’”, Imperative”Amer”, and its inflection. Then we will highlight all Particles and its usage.

Unit 4: Orthography Rules

In this week, we will highlight the main orthography skills that the student needs during writing such as writing “Hamzah”, “Al Alef Al Layyenah”, “Alef Tanween Al Naseb”, “Dual Alef”, and to differentiate between “Ta’ Maftoohah” and “Ta’ Marbootah”.

Unit 5: Review and Applications

English: In this week, we will review all the rules that we studied in the four units of study, and apply it by editing some advertisements and written texts from different media sources and explore formal correspondence in Arabic. Also, we will practice vocalization.

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Instructors and Team

Diala Kamal
Diala Kamal

A holder of a Masters Degree in Curricula and Teaching Methods/Arabic Language, and BA in Education from Jordan University. She works currently as World Languages Team Leader and Arabic Coordinator at the American Community School in Amman. She worked previously at the international Academy Amman, And Al Asria School. She has been an Arabic Teacher for high school since 2003, and has been a home room teacher for elementary school during 2001-2003. She believes that who dares to work as a teacher must never seize to learn. Her teaching philosophy revolves around the students and community needs, as well as the flexibility and creativity of her teaching approaches utilizing latest technologies.

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