Interactive Media Research

Language Arabic
Start Date 01/11/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 6 hours
Level Entry Level
End Date 09/12/2030

This course explains the main concepts of media research, with a focus on Interactive Media research. It is one of the up-to-date and most required courses in media research as it guides researchers to the best practices of interactive media research. It shows differences between traditional and interactive media, and explains how researchers should adopt appropriate methodologies to examine interactive media topics and phenomena. It presents detailed information about different methodological problems media researchers often face when they work on research topics related to interactive media. The course explains analysis methods that researchers can apply in their interactive media research, including the use of network analysis, combining the quantitative and qualitative methods, building measurements and apply it online.

What You Will Learn

  • Recognize and understand interactive media and what makes research in this field different from other media research fields.
  • Recognize and define up-to-date trends in interactive media research, and how to get benefits from interactive media research practically.
  • Apply media research instructions and principles in the right way that is consistent with interactive media.
  • Fully understand of the common methodological problems in studying interactive media topics, and avoid the common mistakes of studying interactive media using inadequate research methods
  • Effectively apply appropriate research methodologies when examining interactive media topics.
  • Be able to get benefits from the available technical tools in examining interactive media topics to overcome the limitations of traditional tools to collect data in interactive media research.

Instructors and Team

Dr. Maha Abdul Majeed
Dr. Maha Abdul Majeed

Associate Professor, Faculty of Mass Communication, Ajman University, with over 18 years of experience in teaching, academic work and media training, in a number of Arab universities and research centers. Specializing in e-media, specifically in Internet journalism. Trained in the fields of scientific research and professional journalistic practice. M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University, are among the first researchers who initiated the study of electronic journalism since its early beginnings in the Arab world. Arbitrator in many Arab scientific journals and international conferences, and has received a number of awards and honors in scientific research from the National Center for Social and Criminal Research, Egypt, and the Faculty of Information, Ajman University, UAE. She has published numerous papers and papers in refereed journals and presented papers at regional and international scientific conferences in Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore and France. Her areas of interest in scientific research include: interactive media, professional practice development and media education, security media, social networking, social media and crisis management.

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