Java Programming 1

Language Arabic
Start Date 02/01/2017
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 3 hours
Level Entry Level

Welcome to Java Programming 1 course - part of a series of courses for beginners offered in Java/JavaScript programming.

Java is an "object-oriented programming language that is used as the brain that runs intelligent application devices" on Android and iOS systems. Java is one of the most widely used programming languages given its ease and ability to program interactive environments and/or applications.

Java is an extension to the C++ language developed by James Gosling in 1992. This course offers beginners an introduction to the meaning of a "programming language" and "software syntax" in general. Together we’ll learn the steps and basics of writing a program. We’ll recognize the types of data in computer and how a programming language handles these different types of data. This course also offers an introduction to mathematical operations and the steps to determine how the program will work through decision making and different types of conditional sentences.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Java
  • General formula for Java
  • The printing sentence
  • Variables: definition, types and processes
  • Mathematical operations
  • Conditional sentences


Week One: Writing a Program Using Java

In the first week, you will learn the general formula for writing a sentence in Java and adding notes and identifiers to the text of the code. You will also be able to learn how to write your first Java language program and use the Control, Print, and PrintIn controls

Week Two: Variables

In the second week, you will be introduced to variables, their types, the terms of assignment, the entry of data and mathematical operations and their priorities, and you will be able to print the program outputs that you create.

Week Three: Mathematical Functions

In the third week, you will learn about mathematical functions and their uses and conditional functions and their operations in addition to the increase and decrease of numbers and complex sentences and their integration.

Week Four: Conditional Sentences 1

In the fourth week you will learn about conditional sentences, examples and overlapping conditional sentences.

Week Five: Conditional Sentences 2

In the fifth week, you will learn about the ‘if-else’ clause and the ‘switch’ clause.

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Instructors and Team

Dr. Jehad Al Saadi
Dr. Jehad Al Saadi

Dr. Jehad is an associate professor at the Arab Open University-Jordan (AOU). He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Glasgow in 2002 and started his career at the Arab Open University as the head of the computer studies department. Dr. Jehad now serves as the Assistant Director for Academic Affairs at AOU.

Othman Walweel
Othman Walweel

Othman holds a Diploma Degree in Information Technology from Al-Balqa` Applied University. He started working at the Arab Open University in 2005 as a computer lab supervisor. Othman is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in information technology.

Abdelfattah Al Dabbas
Abdelfattah Al Dabbas

Abdelfattah holds a Diploma Degree in Information Technology from Gwinnett Technical College/USA. He started working at the Arab Open University in 2010 as an information technology staff member and a librarian. Abdelfattah is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in information technology.

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