Physics Course: the secondary stage

Language Arabic
Start Date 27/07/2017
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Entry Level

Wherever we look around, physics is present in all aspects of life, but many of our students find it difficult to understand it, especially in the secondary stage (Tawjihi). Hence, this course introduces basic concepts in the physics of the secondary stage, In the simplest way possible, through simplified explanations, supported by examples, questions and animated animations, attract the attention of the learner.

What You Will Learn

  • Static electricity.
  • Electrical current and electrical circuit.
  • Magnetic field.
  • Electromagnetic induction.
  • Corn physics.
  • The physics of the nucleus.

Instructors and Team

   Dr. Jehad Hakem AL-ALaydi
Dr. Jehad Hakem AL-ALaydi

PhD in Philosophy of Curriculum from the World Islamic Sciences and Education University, Master of Science Teaching Curricula from Amman Arab University for Postgraduate Studies, Diploma of Educational Rehabilitation from the University of Jordan, and Bachelor of Physics from the University of Jordan. He has been a Physics Supervisor at the Ministry of Education for 10 years, and 12 years as a teacher in schools Governmental organization in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He has many educational researches published in refereed scientific journals.

Rebhi Saeed Hmaidi
Rebhi Saeed Hmaidi

Mr. Hmaiedi has a B.A and M.A Degrees majoring in Physics (1975-1980) from Sind University, Pakistan, and a high Diploma in School Administration from Jordan University (2003), Jordan. Mr. Hmaidi worked as a teacher in the Ministry of Education in different schools for teaching Physics and general science for all grades in Jordan and some other countries including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In Addition, he worked as a teacher for gifted students in Jubilee schools in Jordan. Mr. Hmaidi is an expert in developing, designing science curricula and deigning, revising and editing the computerized curricula with Rubicon Company and an editor for physics and science textbooks in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar with Obeikan for Education Company. He worked as a trainer in Blended learning program with Japanese Jika program in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Jordan and worked as dean assistant for education and students affairs. He is an educational supervisor for science and physics in some directorates in Jordan.

Majed Mahmoud Al Trad
Majed Mahmoud Al Trad

Worked as a physics teacher for secondary level in ministry of education from 1988 till 2001, a teacher for gifted and talented students in pioneers center till 2007 then a supervisor in Al-Rusaifah directory in MOE. Holds a Bachelor degree in physics from Al-Mousel University in Iraq (1988), Diploma degree in education from Jordan University (1995), Master degree in Education Psychology/Measurement and Evaluation from Amman Arab University (2007) and preparing PHD in Education Psychology/Measurement and Evaluation from Damascus University. Has a (T.O.T) certificate, worked as a trainer for many training programs in MOE, participated in many educational events and seminars inboard and outboard Jordan, and participated in editing physics enriched materials for gifted students and also participated in evaluating Jordanian physics curriculum .

Nancy Adnan Alshqeerat
Nancy Adnan Alshqeerat

Mrs. Nancy Alshqeerat received a B.A in Physics from Mutah University and is currently teaching Physics at Jubaiha High School for Girls in Amman. She has 13 years of experience in teaching Physics in many of Elementary and Secondary schools in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; she involves her students in a variety of scientific competitions and technology-infused activities Such as Robotics, Intel Science and Engineering. She participated in many of workshops and training course held by Ministry of education like 'the World Links for Arabic Region', where her project of ‘Light Refraction” was rewarded as the top one in the related competition. She worked as trainer for ICDL course in the Ministry of Education. She was honored with ‘Jadara ‘degree in 2006 based on Jordanian Civil Service System for her distinguished and professional performance.

Tmador Al-Shokirat
Tmador Al-Shokirat

Miss Al-Shokirat has been teaching physics in Jordan public schools for the last 14 years. She has a vast experience in education highlighted by a modern and easy to understand approach for simplifying concepts and problem solving in physics. Miss Al-Shokirat graduated with a bachelor degree from Motah University in 2003. She holds the US ( ILEP ) certificate in high school education since 2009. In 2006, she was a top 10 finalist in the national Worldlinks workshop with her project (Light Refraction). Miss Al-Shokirat participates in many educational activities, scientific competitions and workshops.

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