Kinematics of Motion 2

Language Arabic
Start Date 06/02/2018
Duration 0 weeks
Effort 2 hours
Level Entry Level

In the first part (Kinematics of Motion 1) we have examined the description of movement in one dimension. And we are now in the second part describing the movement of objects in two dimensions (or three).

We need in this Circular to study flying quantities and how to apply algebraic operations from add and subtract and multiply. We conclude from this study to describe the movement in general, and the subsequent movement is especially important examples of projectiles, regular circular motion, relative motion.

What You Will Learn

  • Conduct operations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) of vectors in two dimensions or three.
  • Understand the concept of vector unit (Unit Vectors) coordinates Rtezih.
  • Grasp the main concepts of the movement in two dimensions (movement in the level (((x, y, or three (movement in three- dimensional space x, y, z)) .
  • Applying the concepts of movement in two dimensions on the movement: ballistics, circular movement regular, relative motion.
  • The application of an effective strategy to solve the diverse issues of movement in two dimensions.
  • Using exercises and questions Physlets software to link and mutual interaction between the main practical and theoretical concepts.

Instructors and Team

Dr.Issa Shahin
Dr.Issa Shahin

Dr. Shahin graduated with the following degrees in Physics,B.Sc. (Special degree, distinction with 1st class honors) Cairo Univ.-Egypt, M.Sc. (Thesis with honors) Auckland Univ.-New Zealand, M.Sc. Stanford Univ.-USA, Ph.D. Stanford Univ.-USA At Stanford University,Dr. Shahin published an important set of research papers in top international refereed Journals . This research was later accepted as part of research submitted to two Nobel Prizes in Physics in 1982 and 2005. Dr. Shahin practiced teaching for a few years at the Secondary School level, and Teacher’s Training Colleges; followed by more than 40 years of University Teaching and Research at a number of universities inside and outside of Jordan. This is besides holding a number of important administrative positions as: Director of Physics Teaching at Ministry of Eucation, Head of Physics Department, Dean of College of Science, Trustee Member of a University, and Vice President of a University.

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