iPhone Application Programming

Language Arabic
Start Date 02/02/2020
Duration 5 weeks
Effort 6 hours
Level Entry Level
End Date 08/03/2020

Application programming is one of the most important areas of information technology in the coming years, especially with the widespread spread of applications and its transformation into an important part that cannot be dispensed in our daily lives, and it is expected that new applications will enter the application stores and the rise of companies' needs for programmers and smart application technology specialists.

Programming iPhone applications is one of the most important professions currently required, and learning to program applications currently is not very difficult. Anyone who has a love of learning and the insistence to learn programming can master the programming of iPhone applications in record time, so we have a platform of awareness working on preparing a course specialized in programming iPhone applications, if you are a fan of programming iPhone applications then the opportunity in front of you to invest in learning this course and start your career path as an application programmer Yvonne, whether you want to build your own applications or work in a technical team’s programming team.

The process of building applications is mainly related to several factors such as the interface design and user experience and linking the application with social networking platforms such as Facebook or Google and other platforms and websites, of course we cannot through one course cover all the required topics in that one so we have in the awareness platform Preparing a specialized course in programming iPhone applications in a practical and step-by-step manner, and helping you to take advantage of the practical application that prepares you for this wide field

In this free iPhone application programming course, we will start together by learning the basics of making applications and available platforms for programming applications and the difference between each platform and another, after that we will learn together the Swift 5 programming language which is the language used to build iPhone applications in an easy and simplified manner in addition to the main graphic interface building units, as we will address In this course, you will learn how to build screens and how to switch between them and design special interfaces in the application.

Together, we will learn how to store application-specific data, whether it is on the same application, on a server through the Internet, and we will work with more than one language to create an application-specific database. We will help you to improve the appearance of your application on the application store and identify together the most important factors affecting the arrangement of your application in the application store, in addition to how to register as a developer on the Apple website and what are the requirements for washing.

We will address an introduction to application design so that the application screens appear in the best image of the user, and there will be an introduction to the Objective C language which is the main language for programming iPhone applications in the past. You can also earn profits from your own application on the application store by installing ads, and this is what we will learn in another The course is practical and step-by-step so that you can start earning profits from your app.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the Xcode environment
  • Build the first Hello World app
  • Learn the Swift 5 programming language
  • The most important functions and commands in Swift 5
  • Learn about the types of user interfaces and how to deal with them
  • Dealing with databases
  • Improve your app visibility in the app store
  • Introduction to design applications
  • Installing ads and profit from apps
  • Upload the app to the app store
  • Introduction to Objective C.
  • The professional path of the application programmer
  • How to register as a developer on the Apple site

Instructors and Team

Hani Abu Arab
Hani Abu Arab

aHani Abu Arab, a Bachelor of Software Engineering in 2005, has been working in the technical field for more than 14 years He has programmed many applications and platforms in addition to offering many specialized courses in application programming in the Arab world and has a range of courses on international training sites such as Udemy and others, programming represents the bulk of his career

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