Culinary Arts

Language Arabic
Start Date 07/05/2019
Duration 0 weeks
Effort Hour
Level Entry Level

The culinary world is not limited to cooking that everyone knows, which we see on a daily basis on TV channels or on social networking sites and even YouTube channels, etc. There are basics and concepts in the kitchen beyond the preparation of meals and cooking itself.

We have worked with Chef Ghada Al-Tali on the production of this free course, where we will be an educational journey to master the basics of cooking and food preparation, where we learn what we need in our daily lives to manage our kitchens professionally.

The course will be divided into several parts, including kitchen tools such as chives, cutting boards, knives, etc. We will then move on to the preparation stage for cooking and what is necessary to know the correct measuring tools to calculate the quantities, identify the spices and some of their mixtures, and then how to deal with meat and poultry such as melting and cooking methods.

In the third part of the course, our conversation will be more focused on some of the problems we face in cooking, such as the different types of chocolate, how to use the best type for each case, why we sometimes fail to make cake and some sweets, will also cover how to make homemade pizza sauce, how to dry tomatoes and fruits in an excellent way, and also how to make healthy bread and some other things

Each unit will have an exam to measure our understanding of what has been done, there will be a certificate of completion when you pass all exams at the end of the course.

The course is very unique in its content, which is presented in this form for the first time, and with Chef Ghada's distinctive and easy style, the journey will be fun, useful and practical for everyone! Register now and start learning from today.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the differences between the tools used in the kitchen
  • The best ways to prepare for cooking and use the right & appropriate ingredients
  • Differences between different types of cooking ingredients such as: rice, meat, spices, mixtures and others
  • How to set up unique home spices
  • The most problems we face in the kitchen. And how to avoid and overcome them
  • How to make healthy home-made stuff like sauces
  • How to make healthy bread useful for the body

Instructors and Team

Chef Ghada Al-Talli
Chef Ghada Al-Talli

Chef Ghada has an unlimited ambition in the world of cooking and decorating tools to spread among cooking lovers. Ghada is interested in cooking and inventing what is new in this world, it grew with her since childhood, when she was entering the kitchen with her grandmother and watching her in the most accurate details and learned the most famous Egyptian recipes, and then she got married and moved to Jordan and knew the secrets of Arab cuisine, especially Shami from her Jordanian aunt, which is famous for its mastery of oriental food, and then made its way in this field.

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