Our Team

Haifa Dia Al Attia
CEO of Queen Rania Foundation
Nafez Dakkak
Executive Chairman
Shireen Yacoub
Chief Executive Officer - CEO
Bassem Saad
Deputy CEO - Chief Business Officer
Ahmad Al Khatib
Head of Media Production
Zeid Oweis
Senior Video Producer
Amer Daboub
Post Production Supervisor
Waleed Al Baddad
Senior Course Manager
Omar Al-Ithawi
Senior Software Engineer
Ali Hasan
Senior Software Engineer
Ahmed Jazzar
Senior Software Engineer
Ehab Abu Dayeh
Senior Course Manager
Riham Najia
Course Manager
Eman Zabalawi
Senior Marketing Officer
Lina Bashayreh
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Sherif Halawa
Head of Engineering and Research
Rayya Abu Ghosh
Course Manager
Shahed Attia
Course Manager
Hiba Nabulsi
Senior Social Media Officer
Noof Nabelsi
Video Editing Officer
The Adorable


These members have spent years serving onboard of Edraak, and are now out there spreading Edraak's message to the world.
Alaa AlHussan
Video editor
Areej Al Huniti
Associate Marketing Manager
Dina Bokai
Course Manager
Moayyad Yaghi
Software Engineer